Alternative Lifestyle in OR

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Top definition. Any socially-unconvential lifestyle, esp. Includes but is not restricted to describing gay lifestyles.

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Swinging is an alternative lifestyle. To MegGoth was more than just an attitude, it was whole alternative lifestyle.

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Sep 4 Word of the Day. In American democracywhen the majority party has enough votes to pass populist legislation, party leaders deate a scapegoat who will refuse to vote with the party thereby killing the legislation. The opposition is otherwise inexplicable and typically comes from someone who is safe or not up for re-election. This allows for maximum diffusion of responsibility. Senator Lieberman now opposes the same health care compromise he himself suggested. Just when everyone thought Democrats had enough votes to get this done.

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Guess they made Lieberman the rotating villain Alternative Life Style. To be a homo or a lesbo. This is usually backed up by liberals. Liberals love the Alternative Life Style. Being gay. See alternative lifestyle. Same smell. Someone who lives a gay or homosexual life. So do not be live like that.

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If you do, you are a loser!!! Straight Guy: How is your alternative life style going? Gay Guy : Shut up! Just because I am different does not mean I am that much different! Sep 4 trending 1.

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Alternative Lifestyle in OR

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