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Create a lightbox Your Lightboxes will appear here when you have created some. Save to lightbox. Quang Nam Province, Vietnam. Woman rides bicycle in Hoi An Ancient Town. Because of its relative durability, pottery comprises a large part of the archaeological record of Ancient Greece, and since there is so much of it, it has exerted a large influence on our un Greek White Ground Lekythos, Detail of Woman with Maid, BC.

Barcelona, Spain Ancient Roman mosaic with the representing an old Woman. The illustration dates to This image of an ancient Greek woman shows her looking at her face in a mirror. A libation is a ritual pouring of a liquid as an offering to a god or spirit or in memory of those who have died. Greek woman pouring a libation, from an ancient vase drawing. Anita death in Marquis' Guiccioli farmhouse with Garibaldi beside her.

Hand-colored print Ancient Greek women and a priestess. National Roman Museum. Palazzo Altemps. Roman art. The caption re: Young married woman covering her face with the flammeum bas relief in Louvre, after an antique of Villa Albani. The villa was built by Carlo Marchionni to house the collection of ancient sculptures of Cardinal Alessandro Albani. The construction took place from to The archaeological collection, moved to Paris by Napoleon, and only partially returned inconsists of original Greek and Roman sculptures located in various buildings of the villa.

Thuis s illustration shows a young married Roman woman covering her face with the flammeum. Hand-colored print Upperclass Jewish women in ancient Israel.

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Woman playing Aulos. Engraving, 19th century. Ancient Greece. Senior woman holding an ancient photograph. Greece Woman in front of Temple of Hera, ruins of ancient Olympia.

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These paintings are over years old. Image of a woman, Sigiriya frescoes. Ancient Egyptian tomb model.

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Cairo Museum, Egypt Woman brewing beer. The figure represents an ancient Roman woman. Ancient woman icon, linear isolated illustration, thin line vector, web deoutline concept symbol with editable stroke on white background. Hand-colored print Ancient Egyptian pharaoh a woman carrying her water jug and a man carrying a basket of fruit. Ancient Egypt. Man and woman, Thebes dynasty. Senior woman holding ancient photographs. Thiersch, wood engraving, 19th century, historic, historical, people, women, column, ancient world, ancient world, Greece, young woman with scroll, reading, after drawing by F.

Carving of an ancient woman holding a helmet in the Roman City of Herculaneum destroyed by a pyroclastic eruption in 79 AD, Campania, Italy. The ancient Greeks represented here are a female basket-bearer at a sacrificial festival. A maid is dressing her hair, and onother fouring milk in a cup for her to driknk during her make-up.

She drinking some beverage and holding a mirror in her hand. The New Kingdom circa BC. Louvre Museum. Plaster antique sculpture of young woman face. Gypsum head portrait copy Ancient statue Venus head isolated on black background. Anita Garibaldi horseback fording a river.

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The ancient Greeks represented here are, from left to right: a Greek in traveling clothes, two women. The ancient Egyptian woman was enjoying all these rights. The Papyrus documents and the statues are clear witnesses to this fact. Photo shows An Ancient Egyptian woman going to the market to sell a duck her hands a some bottles of oil carries in a basket over her head.

Kneeling woman and man with and carrying on their head a shield with two arrows and the male Ka. Spaniard and Spanish woman with shield and spears. Asian woman posing at ancient temple. Gypsum head portrait copy Ancient statue Venus head isolated on white background.

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