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Some features of this site may not work without it. Utgivelsesdato Samlinger NOVA rapport []. Sammendrag What experiences do young people have when it comes to sexual offences and sexual abuse? Is exchange of sex for payment uncommon among young people? Do adolescents agree with attitudes that promote sexual offences? What are the prevalence rates of sexual offences and sexual abuse?

What experiences, problems, and attitudes do sexual offenders report? These are the main questions on which this survey is based. Some of the countries are considerably different when it comes to social welfare systems, religion, and culture.

Such discrepancies allow for interesting comparisons in the field of sexuality, sexual offence, and sexual abuse.

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The respondents are in their late teens, the majority about 18 years old. At this age most people have developed a sexual identity, and most people have had sexual experiences. Some respondents may even be sexual offenders. Due to the young age of the respondents, memories of sexual offences or sexual abuse are less likely to be distorted.

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The report presents some of the findings. Each country is presented separately.

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On some dimensions the countries turn out to be quite similar. In the area of sexual offences and sexual abuse, though, there are som important variations. The differences indicate that social conditions, culture, and religion impact both the experiences and the attitudes of young people. Hele arkivet.

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Baltic sex teens

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