Bored and looking for fun tonight

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Also, some of these ideas are fun things to do with your family …depending on your family. You Are Bored. Just pick something and do it! Just starting an activity can get you out of your funk! Note: this list was created before the pandemic. Wear a mask and social distance when necessary. Remember your childhood and how fun everything was? I definitely used my imagination to keep myself entertained and life is just better around other people.

I have also created a list of things to do when bored for a large of locations and situations so check in often as I will be adding new posts. Caution Reminderwith anything you do, know your surroundings. These ideas are just ideas. The target audience is intended for responsible adults. Always put safety as a top priority and do not attempt any activity that could be deemed dangerous based on your own situation.

Always be kind to others, have fun! Be creative, be joreself! Add some alcohol to the mix if you are old enough. Who put Colin incharge… again? Get some pieces of rope and tape them together in a ring, kinda like the game implies and toss them onto some old liter soda or wine bottles. When I was 11, my family went to Alaska and we got to stay in a hotel that was made out of converted passenger train cars. Really cool concept but for 4 children, after the oohs and ahhs of the initial surprise, we were super bored. Probably the hardest I have ever laughed in my life and I still remember the whole thing today.

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They are awesome. Retro is in now. Girls wearing bell bottoms again, Guys rocking the Tie Dye. Guaranteed Laugh. Or for couples — Pull out your wedding clothes and take photos in it again. Remind yourselves of that special moment. Film it in slow motion with your phone to really get it right. There is probably an app for this. Its simple: get lyrics and the instrumental for a song and sing it.

Why not make it fun again. Next time you watch Blades of Glory …. Dress the part! Rented all the tools from The Home Depot. Actually, I built the whole thing in The Home Depot. You can rent anything from a power washer to an automatic screwdriver. People love Halloween because for one night or two weekends depending on your party styleyou can let go of your image and be something besides yourself. All your stresses and responsibilities appear to be gone. So throw a costume party out of season. If your wandering what to do when boredthis is your answer.

Want the ultimate creative things to do when your bored? Make your own Fluffy Town like from the tv show Community. This used to be done way more than it is now. But basically put something of value or sentimental in a waterproof container and dig a hole and bury it. Then in a time of your choosing in the future dig it up and reminisce. Hand over your phone to a friend and only they can do the swiping… while you do the same for them. Well having the perfect secret hand shake with the Tobster to bust out on the spot would be a sure fire way to get Kale to remember you.

Each opponent will take turns.

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Here is the kicker: your opponent has a dart and can attempt to knock your airplane out of the sky. If you successfully make it past the distance, you get a point. First to 5 wins. I literally just made that up on the spot while writing this. So if i can do it… so can you. And for more creative workout ideas, check out my other post on Fun things to do for a workout. Try to sketch the person you are with, and at the same time have them sketch you. Then reveal the drawings at the same time. Create 5 or 10 challenges and everyone completes them.

The winner has to buy pizza or something. To be fair and more of a challenge, make it a mixture of trivia, athletic or sports, puzzles, and more.

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Each person has 10 min to invent something. Write it down. What is it? How is it made? How is it used? Check out the Guinness Book of World Records website to see the rules.

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We use our phone for everything. To go a step further, We have almost the entirety of human knowledge at the palm of our hands. Our brain has to think and you have to socially interact. Only drink alcohol if you are older than the legal age limit. But in all honesty, even if you are a big fan of the ol liquid courage, always use water in your cups for beer pong.

Every time the ball touches the ground, it then gets picked up and sent back into a cup of beer. This definitely falls under the crazy things to do when bored with friends. Just make sure you know your friends pretty well though before playing this one. When I was a kid, whenever adult swim was called at the swimming pool, all the kids would go over to this big blank brick wall and we would throw a tennis ball at it, and then everyone else would try to grab it after it hit the wall.

If it touches you and it is not a clean catch, then you have to run to the wall before it is picked up by someone else and thrown against the wall. If you touch first, you are safe, but if the ball is thrown and hits the wall before you touch the wall you are out. My sister and I had a secret language as a .

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It sounded very similar to Spanish but was complete gibberish. We would improvise with anything that was around us and really just build a story from nothing. Usually, it ended with our mom walking up and speaking to us in English which is when we would just ask like none of that had just happened. Use items from this or some of the other lists from Joreself. Watch a foreign film with the subtitles off or a film on silent and translate the movie with each person voicing a different character. Have a brainstorm session on a giant whiteboard or mirror if you have it and write down a 1 week, month or year goal and give your friend the creative authority of holding you able.

Brush your teeth 3 times a day for 2 weeks or you have to chew an entire packet of gum for 1 hour while you think about your life choices. Then play Twister as normal. Every time someone falls, everyone put a handprint on some canvas and make a art piece out of it. This allows you to really let go and jive with the music your own way. Come on Gary. See who can find the most valuable item at a thrift shop. Meaning the largest differential between the purchase price and the potential resale price on ebay.

Here is more ideas to do on a budget. My daughter wanted to be a fairy unicorn princess and so by golly she is going to be a fairy unicorn princess. We all got unicorn onesies and spent all day going around town to parks and restaurants wearing unicorn costumes pretending we were controlled by the fairy unicorn princess. People hide containers with little keepsakes or a notepad inside them, and then leave a series of clues, or give the GPS location so that other people can try and find them.

Then once you find a container, you can leave or take something that is inside there or write your name down that you have found it. Go to www. I got an App called Fishbrain which allows people to tag, usually with a picture, where and what kind of fish they have caught.

12 Things To Do When You're Bored At Home - Coffee, Nails, Phone Holder and more..

People typically post what kind of bait they used and what time a day too. It is user sourced and is a pretty cool way to find new locations to fish or just cool places to hang by the water.

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It will cost you a bit but is worth it if you are big into fishing. At the start of the pandemic, my brother and I took an UBER to pick up some food at a nearby restaurant. We then walked over to Starbucks to get a coffee before calling for the next uber to come and pick us up. Well the dining area was closed…… so we literally walked through the drive thru line. The lady in the car behind us was such a good sport about it so we bought her order.

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I am going to just list a few ideas, some require the powder in little bags, and others mix with water. You can buy this powder online. Fun for dodgeball, color run, mix with water for colored slip-in-slide, colored water gun battle, and more. Go to as many places that would have food samples grocery stores mainly and try to make it an entire day only eating food samples from around town.

Have each person hold a candle to look the part. So what did you think? Do YOU have any creative tips for curing boredom? Leave a comment and let me know and I might make a list of user-submitted comments. Also, check out the many other topics as there might be the perfect idea you are looking for such as bored at home alonebored at the supermarketbored when shoppingor creative exercise ideas. Ok, I hear you. You commented at am. Some of the suggestions are more for the daytime. I hear your plight and Im on it.

Bored and looking for fun tonight

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