Bored swf just wana to chat

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This is something I've been thinking about a quite a bit since reading the forums and discussion posts here. I often see players talking about Discord or other third party voice chats as cheating. The logic being that voice chat isn't inherently in the game and the third party program is akin to using something like Cheat Engine to interfere with the game mechanics. I don't really agree that it's cheating but I get why people feel this way.

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Whenever talks about balancing killers comes up, there's always the response of "Yeah but a SWF group can do xyz to counter". And when there's talks of balancing survivors, you get the response of "This doesn't work in solo queue". This variable of grouping or not makes it very hard to talk about balancing. On one hand, if devs got rid of SWF, it would make it easier to balance things, with killers getting consistent player behavior and information, and survivors receiving buffs that are geared towards solo survival.

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But this would kill off a massive portion of the player base that only plays this game with their friends, me being one of them. If they add voice chat to the game, they can balance things towards every survivor group having the co-op abilities of a SWF, and then balance killers to deal with SWF much better without dunking really hard on solo queue players. The downside to this is that randoms will probably not cooperate as well as an actual SWF, and with the community being as toxic as it is, many people might still refuse to use voice chat.

I mean they could have an option to choose not to have swf in your match but that will never happen. I feel like adding voice chat would be nice to know things, but in the end would be a toxic fest.

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Yeah, I think that is definitely the biggest obstacle with adding voice chat. I remember when I used to play ranked Overwatch in solo queue and had to keep voice chat on. Things got super toxic really quickly. People who want swf to be taken out of the game can go play a different game. Yeah, that's why I think the claim that using discord or vc is cheating is kind of dumb. Like you expect a group of friends to get online together and just silently play without any kind of voice chat?

Except people don't hate SWF because of randos playing with their friends, the fuck? People hate it because being on voice comms completely goes against how the game is balanced. Exactly like its a casual game why shouldnt people be able to have fun with theyre friends solo survivor is so boring.

Get rid of SWF and you lose a good portion of your player base. On top of this, other team games voice chats are awful. You have kids cussing you out while your other teammate is in a verbal altercation with their wife. While this is going on, your last teammate is blasting rap music into his mic.

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Devs have stated balancing is around 2ks. I never use voice chat in online games because it's exactly as you say. The only game I've used it in is Overwatch and even that was a bad experience. But there are so many times when I played solo that I wish I could just say a simple "Going for save" or "Killer is on me, gens at 90", and that would have made the game somewhat more fun or at least not a 4K at 5 gens.

Something like what Scott Jun said is some preset messages to have some sort of communication to decrease the gap between soloq and swf.

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Oh that's actually a pretty smart idea! That could actually help with a lot of the basic solo queue issues like too many people going for a save. I figured that myself as well, but shockingly I hear it so often that I legitimately think a large of killer mains would be ecstatic about it happening.

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