Calling all cumsluts

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For All My Cum Sluts I was thinking about you boys wondering if your following the rules or if you have let yourself get soft and undisciplined and cum without my permission? I love knowing I am in control of that cock and those balls and all of that CUM. I get such pleasure hearing you beg me for permission to touch that cock -hit it- or best yet NOT allowing you to cum! Your pathetic whimpers to allow you to CUM, really who do you think you are? Why do you think you are worthy of something so pleasurable as that??

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Think your up to it? Dare you see? Think you can take what I will ask you to do???? I expect to be in control of your cock, balls and cum. If your ready to allow me to control your cock, balls and your CUM. SO get your toys, and call me, you nasty little cum slut, I have so much pain in store for you, and if your good, and I mean very, VERY good maybe even some pleasure for you…I know I am going to get so much pleasure from all of your pain hahaha….

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I can hardly wait to step on that cock with my 6 inch heels crushing that throbbing head into the floor…. Have you ed your devotion agreement with me yet?

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If not your being very naughty and for that you have to suffer…. Give e a try- I will leave your balls dry! You can use these HTML tags. Name required. will not be published required. Be sure to include information that lets one of us identify you. Can you feel. I want to use you as I wish…. NOW Slut! Mistress Hollie… P. If not your being very naughty and for that you have to suffer… And you know how I love to make you suffer! Payment Options. Multiple girl calls are also available. Your time can be billed discreetly to one of the following credit cards….

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Calling all cumsluts

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