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Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Foram pesados e medidos ao nascer 4.

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Foucault: o nascimento do liberalismo. Umbilical cord blood UCB and systemic blood samples were collected from five equine neonates, immediately after birth. Systemic blood samples from their mothers were also collected at the same time, using a vacuum system.

The samples were submitted to the following analyses: red blood cell and total white blood cell counts; determinations of packed cell volume and hemoglobin concentration; differential white cell count in blood smears; and determination of erythrocytometric values. Total serum proteins quantification and serum proteins electrophoresis in agarose gel were done. Seis animais foram abatidos ao nascimentoseis aos 50 dias e seis aos dias de idade. A partir dos 35 dias. Estimativa de peso ao nascimento utilizando a ultrassonografia bidimensional e tridimensional Estimate of birth weight using two- and three-dimensional ultrasonography.

O VolBra e o VolCox foram aferidos por meio da ultrassonografia tridimensional utilizando-se o modo multiplanar a intervalos de 5 mm. A CA e o CF foram aferidos por meio da ultrassonografia bidimensional.

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Os fatores estudados fora Peso de nascimento foi informado pelos pais e classificado como baixo peso PN 4. Twin pregnancy with an acardiac twin is a rare event characterized by the presence of a placentary arterial anastomosis between the pump twin, morfologically normal, and the acardiac twin, causing a reverse circulation in one of the twins. The major complications are associated with cardiac failure in the normal twin, which is due to circulatory overload and prematurity. Many therapeutic options have been proposed, but there is no consensus about which one is the best therapy.

However, intrafetal ablation of the umbilical artery of the acardiac fetus proved to be an inexpensive method that is easy to perform and highly efficient in controlling circulatory overload. We presented two cases of intra-fetal ablation and good evolution.

A triplet pregnancy in which the intra-fetal ablation was done in a week-old fetus that evolved to premature delivery of.

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Full Text Available The maturation of nitrogen metabolism was studied in six Thoroughbred and six Arabian foals. Rectal temperature, heart and respiratory rates and serum concentration of several hematochemical parameters total protein, urea, uric acid, creatinine, and albumine were monitored from birth to 5 months of age. Full Text Available It has been recently suggested that periodontal disease is an associated factor for prematurity and low birth weight.

The aim of this work was to assess the periodontal status of puerperae and determine its possible relationship with preterm low birth weight PLBW delivery. Nineteen mothers had premature and low birth weight babies gestational age below 37 weeks and birth weight below 2, g - group I, and 40 had mature, normal weight babies gestational age over 37 weeks and birth weight over 2, g - group II. The mothers' data were obtained from medical files, interview, and periodontal clinical examination carried out up to 48 hours after delivery.

There was a higher rate of periodontal disease in group I It was concluded that maternal periodontal disease was an associated factor for prematurity and low birth weight in this sample. O nascimento da critica de arte no Brasil e sua suposta inocuidade. Estudo sobre nascidos vivos em maternidades: 1. Birth weight, sex, litter size and mothers' health security.

Birthweight is the result of many factors organic, psychological, social acting on the genetic potential of the fetus. Consequently, its distribution is different according to the characteristics of the population.

The authors verified that the. Milton Nascimento : El circo como lugar de resistencia cultural.

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All the aesthetic production of the workshop revolved around the song Circus Wasp, by Milton Nascimento and Fernando Brant and consisted elaboration of pictography of circus artists drawing with clay modelingfrom question: "Who are these wasps whose music speaks so much? The workshop culminated with the presentation of the whole aesthetic production to the family of those children. Could the Human Development Index and Birth-Date of the players influence the climbing up to higher performance in Soccer?

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The present study verifies the possible influence of the human development index HDI and the birth-date BD on the climb up to higher performance in sports, considering Brazilian football context. The sample comprised all players from 20 teams of the Premier Football League in Brazil. The suggested that contextual factors associated with size and HDI of birth-place and birth-date contribute to the achievement of the Premier Football League. Thus, players were born in the first months of the year and in cities with medium or higher HDI had more conditions to climb up the elite level of Brazilian Football.

Longitudinal study of aortic isthmus Doppler in appropriately grown and small-for-gestational-age fetuses with normal and abnormal umbilical artery Doppler. To establish reference ranges using longitudinal data for aortic isthmus Ao I Doppler indices in appropriate-for-gestational-age AGA fetuses and to document the longitudinal trends in a cohort of small-for-gestational-age SGA fetuses with normal umbilical artery Doppler and in fetuses with intrauterine growth restriction IUGR and abnormal umbilical artery Doppler.

O peso ao nascer foi registrado a partir de dados do hospital ou maternidade. The frequent use of umbilical cord blood as the source of hematopoietic stem cells, both in children and adults who do not have related donors, has led to the establishment of a better standardization of selection criteria aiming at improving the. The choice of the umbilical cord blood unit should be based on the total of nucleated cells and the of differences in the human leukocyte antigen HLA system. When a unit has minimal cellularity, the use of a double cord blood transplant should be considered.

When two or more units have similar characteristics, the choice may be determined by the CD34 count, ABO compatibility and the quality and speed to obtain the unit. Spontaneous preterm births of single and live newborns without malformations were selected as cases. Controls were all the term births of live and single newborns without malformations during the same period. Este Eu Je deve, entretanto, ser capaz de reconhecer como seus os eventos que marcaram ificativamente sua vida.

Full Text Available This study was a longitudinal assessment of mercury exposure in schoolchildren in an urban area of the Brazilian Amazon. The study population consisted of 90 children whose exposure levels were assessed by testing mercury levels in the umbilical cord blood and mothers' blood samples inand in the children's hair and blood samples.

The study also used a questionnaire on demographic and socioeconomic data, fish consumption, and self-reported disease history. These figures can be explained by low fish consumption. Ocorreu aumento ificativo dos teores de Hg no sangue entre e p ao Hg. Umbilical Hernia. Prompt diagnosis and treatment can help prevent complications.

Causes During pregnancy, the umbilical cord passes through a small opening Possible causes in adults include Epilepsia e ordem de nascimento Epilepsy and birth order. This paper deals with birth order and epilepsy. The Greenwood-Yule's method was applied, with the most powerful statistical test available, Halperin's modified chi-square. The authors concluded that there is a consistent positive association between this illness prevalence and birth order of the patients, being first and last born over-represented, irrespective of their sibship size.

All the patients studied suffered a wide range of psychiatric symptoms. Para elas, o Abstract: Brief analysis of a criminal case of pedophilia and its relation with the representation of homoerotism in Belo Horizonte.

Keywords: Homoeroticism, Representation, Guaraci do Nascimento. Evolution of umbilicals in Brazil: optimizing deepwater umbilical applications with thermoplastic hoses and steel tubes. Subsea umbilicals in the past 25 years have evolved in parallel with other subsea oil and gas technologies, as the search for hydrocarbons needed to drive the global economy has led offshore exploration and development companies to seek reserves ever-farther from shore in water thousands of meters deep. Relegated to little more than afterthought status before the push into deep water, modern umbilicals have now become crucial components linking deep water producers to their subsea wells, controlling subsea production systems through hydraulic and electrical power and injecting production chemicals for corrosion- scale- and hydrate-inhibition at subsea well he.

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Particularly in subsea developments involving several deep water wells, umbilicals today are integral to both the production-system de and the chosen operating strategy. Failure of an umbilical linking a subsea well head in deep water to a host production facility can inflict severe economic consequences upon an operator by impairing production operations or halting production altogether.

The additional cost of repairing or replacing a failed umbilical can run into the millions of dollars. As offshore oil and gas production has moved into ever-deeper water, umbilical manufacturers have begun introducing new stronger materials to handle the inherently higher pressures and temperatures. Today, two types of construction are used for fluid conduits in umbilical systems deployed in deep water: thermoplastic hoses and steel tubes.

Steel tubes are generally more expensive than thermoplastic hoses, relatively stiff and considered to have high tensile strength, while thermoplastic hoses are extremely flexible and exhibit lower tensile strength. This lower tensile strength of the hoses may be compensated by including steel wire armoring in the umbilical. This also provides the added benefits of additional mechanical protection compared with the equivalent unarmored steel-tubes umbilicals.

When either. O peso ao nascer influencia o estado nutricional ao final do primeiro ano de vida? Does birth weight affect nutritional status at the end of first year of life? The study was carried out at maternity hospitals in four cities in the Zona da Mata Meridional in Pernambuco state, Brazil.

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Newborn infants. The muscle tone of healthy 42 preterm and 47 term newborns was quantified and measured with a goniometer an instrument for measuring angles respectively between 7thth day of life and hours of life. Newborns were grouped according to GA and BW and evaluated at fixed time intervals by one examiner. Preterm newborns were matched to term at 40 weeks postconceptional age PCA. Preterm newborns had lower scores in all muscle tone indicators when compared to term at the first assessment. The objective of this study was to verify the effect of sex, socioeconomic status SES and birth order on state-trait anxiety.

The subjects were primary and secondary school students of both sexes, firt-borns and non-first-borns, belonging to both upper-middle and lower socioeconomic levels. Women presented higher scores than men, and so did the subjects from lower SES in relation to the subjects of upper-middle SES. There was an interaction between SES and birth order. In another interaction, female first-borns of. Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimento a festschrift from theoretical chemistry s. In this Festschrift dedicated to the 65th birthday of Marco Antonio Chaer Nascimentoselected researchers in theoretical chemistry present research highlights on major developments in the field.

Originally published in the journal Theoretical Chemistry s, these outstanding contributions are now available in a hardcover print format.

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This volume will be of benefit in particular to those research groups and libraries that have chosen to have only electronic access to the journal. It also provides valuable content for all researchers in theoretical chemistry. Os animais foram mantidos em pastagem e abatidos em dezembro para os cordeiros nascidos em agosto e abril para os nascidos em novembro, aos e dias de idade, respectivamente.

Forty-nine intact Texel lambs were used to evaluate the effects of different birth periods August vs.

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November on body development, body measurements and carcass characteristics. Animals were maintained in pasture and slaughtered in December for those born in August and April for those born in November at and days of age, respectively.

Casual Dating Voss NorthDakota 58261

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Abstracts from Purines , an International Conference on Nucleotides, Nucleosides and Nucleobases, held in Bonn, Germany, from July 23–27,