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Donate now! We get to use our voices and talk about things going on that affect us in Current Projects Washington, D. National Past Projects.

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Location: National. Issue: School conditions. Check out the of the contest and exhibit here. The contest, which will remain open until February 22, enables students, teachers, and .

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Albuquerque, NM. Location: Albuquerque, NM. Dates Of Project: Partner: IDRA. Albuquerque, NM - Critical Exposure worked with a small group of high school students to document the ways in which the promises of two court cases, Brown v.

Board of Education and Mendez v.

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Westminster, have been fulfilled in their schools and how they remain unfulfilled. The students took photographs of their schools, wrote captions, and exhibited and spoke about their work during a Community Location: Baltimore, MD. Issue: School facilities. In75 students took thousands of photographs of conditions in their schools, both positive and negative.

More than 2, people, including the CEO of Baltimore City Schools, attended exhibits and events featuring students and their photographs. Venues included art galleries, a public library, a local college, and Baltimore Location: Washington, D. We worked with their Young Women of Color Leadership Council, training students in the skills of photography, writing, and advocacy. Youth documented the lives of young people in D. New Orleans. Location: New Orleans.

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Issue: School conditions post-Hurricane Katrina. Since FebruaryCritical Exposure has been working with middle and high school youth in New Orleans to document conditions in their schools following Hurricane Katrina. Location: Pennsylvania.

Issue: Fair funding for all public schools.

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Critical Exposure provided high school students across the state of Pennsylvania with cameras and training to enable them to document the impact of underfunding on their education, in partnership with organizations like Youth United for Change in Philadelphia. Ballou Senior High School. Dates Of Project: January May Critical Exposure worked with a group of students in collaboration with the creative writing class at Ballou SHS. Right now, security guards throw away food that students Calvin Coolidge High School.

Dates Of Project: Fall Our first semester at Calvin Coolidge High school is sadly coming to an end, but the students have only just begun the fight for their campaigns. Students in both classes have chosen to work on the renovation of their school, and the equal allocation of funds to school clubs and programs. Throughout December, students took their cameras, and began documenting their school. For some students Location: Columbia Heights. Dates Of Project: January-June Partner: 8th Grade American History Class.

In their history class, the students are studying the Civil Rights Movement, particularly the Brown vs. Board of Education case of CE is ing in this discussion by challenging the students to think about how the stories and experiences of those involved in Cathedral Scholars Summer Dates Of Project: June-August Partner: Washington National Cathedral. Are we living a post-racial society? Does everyone have the same chance of success?

These questions emerged as Critical Exposure partnered with Cathedral Scholars, a summer program run by Washington National Cathedral that selects 15 honor-roll students from D. Location: Thurgood Marshall Center.

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Dates Of Project: July-August Partner: Cathedral Scholars. For a second consecutive summer, Critical Exposure is partnering with Cathedral Scholars, a summer program run by Washington National Cathedral that selects 15 honor-roll students from D. Scholars will be using photography and political education discussions to explore the ways their personal identity connects them to Cesar Chavez Middle School. The first is the school's late policy. If students arrive after a. Children's National Hospital.

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Critical Exposure partnered with a teen group at Children's Hospital this summer to investigate issues of sexual health, with a particular focus on the lack of sex education in schools. The youth interviewed Community Bridges. Location: Silver Spring, MD. Partner: Community Bridges Jumpstart. The girls have been very vocal about leadership, social change and improving their community through their photographs.

They recently decided to work towards making their school and neighboring community 'Go Location: Columbia Heights, Washington, D. Issue: Challenges for young women in D. Partner: D. During the summer ofCritical Exposure worked with a group of ten young women in the D. Students held a final exhibit in August at the Department of Employment Services. The youth wrote the following introduction to frame their exhibit, encouraging members of the D.

Promise Neighborhood Initiative Summer Issue: Teen Pregnancy.

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Critical Exposure partnered with the D. Students partnered with the D. Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy to create public service announcements and other outreach materials deed to educate youth DC Met Spring Location: Bryant St. Dates Of Project:. Do students who arrive late to school not care about their education? Our fall students at D. The policy stated that students who arrived late to their 1st period class would be marked absent for the entire school day.

Students documented their journeys to school beginning in Southeast D.

Columbia Heights girls sex

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