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If you would still like to donate, please visit our giving. Donate Now. Katt will be supporting our K-3 students in the area of literacy. She has been an educator sincemaking this her 20th year of teaching. Much of that teaching was done in classrooms, mental health facilities, and students struggling with math and reading. Katt has also been part of the CSCS community since her first child was in Kindergarten, almost 8 years ago, and also has a student currently at the school.

She is thrilled to be a part of this staff and looks forward to working with our youngest readers. Kristin has a strong belief that all students bring unique gifts and can practice wellness, learn and grow. Kristin graduated with a Masters of Education from Lewis and Clark in and has worked with students in grades K Kristin supports student learning as a lifelong process, helps build community and connections, and self confidence and awareness. Mindfulness and emotional regulation are skills that can empower students and serve them well throughout school and life. Laura has many years of nonprofit ing experience, having ly worked at Financial Beginnings, an organization that teaches individuals of all ages how to play an active role in their financial well-being.

She has a passion for non-profit work and is dedicated to helping organizations achieve their goals through good financial management. Outside of work, she enjoys eating ice cream.

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He recently earned his Masters in Education from Portland State and works to incorporate music, theater, and storytelling in the classroom each day. Originally from Juneau, Alaska, McLean enjoys backpacking, playing the guitar, looking at maps, creating art, sports, video editing, playing board games, long road trips, and crossword puzzles with his morning coffee. Before coming to CSCS, Dan spent most of his career teaching and writing curriculum for outdoor and environmental education programs. In that time he saw the way experiential education inspired a love for learning and became passionate about finding ways to incorporate those lessons into the classroom.

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He received a Masters of Teaching from Oregon State University, worked as an educational aide in the supported life skills classroom at Centennial High School, and taught in a 5th grade classroom in the Beaverton School District. Sara has always felt connected to being an educator. After completing her undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies, she worked as an educator for the Portland Audubon, and as a wilderness instructor for a nonprofit in Montana.

She loves the challenge and artistry that comes with a teaching career and especially enjoys fostering wonder and compassion in children. Laine spent this spring working with our students in grades K-8 as a math intervention teacher. They completed their student teaching in both 3rd and 5th grades at Chapman Elementary. They also completed two years of public service as a math teacher through AmeriCorps doing interventions with 7th and 9th grade students.

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Prior to their teaching career, Laine spent 10 years as a fundraising professional supporting cultural preservation for Alaska Native tribes. At PSU, Laine was part of the arts integration cohort, where they developed lessons that included arts standards in core curriculum. With their interest in social justice and creative expression, they are committed to helping students explore and discover how they can use what is uniquely special about themselves to make meaningful contributions to their community.

In November ofI was elected The Cottonwood school board. I had one child enrolled and one who would be soon, so I thought that I would like to have more input on shaping the future of the school. I am currently the chair of the Marketing Committee which oversees the website and search engine marketing as well as press and promotion for events and school activities to help further position the school as an authority in place-based education and promote enrollment.

My family has been a part of the Cottonwood community since when my older son started Kindergarten here. We were looking for an opportunity to be involved in his education on a deeper level than often comes with a larger neighborhood school. We loved that our son would have a small, nurturing environment that allowed him to explore learning both in the classroom and in the field.

We later enrolled our younger son, and he has thrived at Cottonwood for different but equally as valuable reasons, like the personalized attention to his needs and patient, caring staff to help him through any bumps in the road. By day, I am the project manager for a creative team in the marketing department of a large textiles company. I use my skills from work to help organize and push forward the vast array of projects that help this amazing school continue to grow as thought leaders in the field of Place Based Learning.

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In my free time, I love to travel and see live music. I have been using the lockdown time to finish some overdue home renovation projects and adopt a couple of puppies. I am married to my college sweetheart and moved to Portland with him almost 20 years ago from the east coast. Best decision ever. The move AND the husband!

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Deciding to be a part of the Cottonwood community ranks way up there as well! Scott is the Executive Director of the nonprofit Blanchet House of Hospitality, which provides meals, shelter, and aid to houseless and food insecure individuals in Portland.

He brings over two decades of teaching and independent school leadership experience to the Cottonwood board, as well as past board experience, including six years on the board at the nearby language-immersion International School.

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And once in his life, a long long time ago, he practiced as a criminal defense attorney in Texas. I came to Cottonwood in when my stepdaughter was accepted into the third grade. From the beginning, I was so impressed with the place-based curriculum that I decided to send her younger brother and sister to the school as well. Once it became clear that our family would be a part of Cottonwood for many years, I decided that the best way for me to support the school was to use my board experience in home-owner and neighborhood associations and the board. Educated at the Oregon Institute of Technology, I am currently working as a web developer full-time.

My wife Allison, a naturopathic physician and clinical consultant for a medical lab, and I are currently navigating the craziness of working and doing school for three kids from our home. In my spare time, I am a huge fan of the Portland Timbers and, when not in the middle of a global pandemic, can often be found standing in the famous Timbers Army singing the team on to victory. From the very beginning, I could feel that this community was itself a precious family worthy of my support.

I started my service to the school with the parent organization helping with auctions and have spent the last five years on the Board, serving as President for two years, and currently as Treasurer. I enjoy putting my skills in ing and governance to use to the benefit of the administration and staff of the school, and ultimately for its students. I am an ing Manager at Portland General Electric focusing on Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, a mother of two boys, an all-weather runner, a summertime paddle boarder, and an Airbnb superhost!

I draw on my past experiences as a bookkeeper, CPA, internal auditor and Wilson High School cheerleader to volunteer for the unpopular tasks, or find volunteers, to fill in the gaps where needed. I find so much meaning in my board service because it allows me to witness an organization carrying out a mission I deeply believe in and doing so with courage, grit, creativity and passion. I am here in support of the committed and talented teachers and staff because I can see the difference that they make in the lives of the children of Portland and in the broader educational community.

I have a son 9 in the third grade, and I have a son 7 in the first grade. We have been part of the CSCS family since my nine-year-old was in kindergarten. After two years of my oldest son attending CSCS and having another son going into kindergarten, I decided to the Board. Being on the Board this past year has given me that opportunity. I also have an Associate Degree in Business Administration. My current goal, especially after this past year, is to be a Diversity Advocate for grade-school level students. I believe every child from a diverse background should have someone advocating for them in the school system.

I moved around a lot asthroughout the Portland and Vancouver area, and I know first-hand as a minority how hard it is to be a student in a school system embedded on systemic racism. The amazing thing about Cottonwood, particularly after this traumatic year we had, is seeing our school really stepping up. Seeing the growth, the support, and strength this past year at CSCS makes me proud to be part of such an amazing school and serving on the Board. In my spare time, my family and I love going to the Coast spending time relaxing with an ocean view.

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I enjoy writing poetry. My family and I love having dance parties in our living room.

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Even though I lived in the Northwest most of my life, I like taking adventures and finding new gems right in our very own backyard. I love to read books; sometimes I will finish a whole book in one day. I also love watching movies of all genres, and if I could spend a Saturday binge watching and eating popcorn all day I would. What I love most is being with family and having some good, old-fashioned family fun.

I am a neurodivergent Jersey girl-turned-Portlander, avid reader and writer, and believer in all things local. I worked as a local journalist prior to starting a literary publishing house, Forest Avenue Press, in I believe in the power of storytelling and use my skillset to help with Cottonwood publicity and marketing campaigns. I have a degree from Vassar College and a certificate from the Yale Publishing Course, which I attended in thanks to a scholarship from the Independent Book Publishers Association.

Jake comes to us with great experiences and passion that directly relate to this diverse position. Over the years, through work with Playworks, at a Montessori school, Outdoor School and with the Boy Scouts, Jake has gained experience in teaching games, delivering lessons, and actively keeping kids engaged in fun, physical movement. Liza ed the Cottonwood staff in as the full-time special education teacher.

Liza grew up in a large family in the Northeast that included a special needs sibling. Before getting her masters, she worked in administrative positions at schools in Boston and Southeastern Michigan. After grad school, she and her husband relocated to the Northwest for access to all of the outdoor activities in the Cascades and Oregon coast. In her free time, Liza enjoys spending time with her family in the mountains or at the coast, buzzing around in her EV, and enjoying the many great coffee houses in the Northwest.

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