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It has a history of ancient civilizations that left a rich legacy of their traditions for the current generation. Hence, if you want to choose an Asian name for your baby, then you would have too many options. And, naming the child could be even more difficult if the parents happen to be from separate regions, countries, or race. You would want to give your baby a name that represents both the cultures, right?

Aki is used both for boys and girls, but sounds good for boys. This name defies the traditional Asian boy names. We typically choose power, strength, and valiance for boy names.

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Its noted namesake is the Chinese-American computer engineer and co-founder of Wang Laboratories. Ang is an alternative spelling of Angel.

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The American movie director, Ang Lee is its famous namesake. Hong Kong and American actor Bruce Lee is the famous namesake. Carlos is a shorter version of Charles. The famous namesake is Filipino novelist Carlos Bulosan. This name has a unique flair to it. Then, consider bestowing this name on him. If you are looking for a simple and delightful name, then choose Dae. The famous namesake is the major league American baseball player and coach Don Wakamatsu. Eric is quite a popular name in theU. Its namesake is the Chinese-American educator and author, Jin Xuefei.

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The famous namesake is the Chinese diplomat and humanitarian Feng Shan Ho. Gary is a common name yet sounds special and unique. The famous namesake is the Nobel prize winner for EconomicsGary Becker. The famous namesake is Philippines-American novelist and playwright, Han Ong.

This animal represents positive qualities such as strength, leadership, and fierceness, making this name a great choice for your boy. Its namesake is American lawyer and legal scholar Harold Hongju Koh. Its namesake is the former Japanese football player, Hiromi Hara. The popular namesake is the Hong Kong martial artist, actor, and film director Jackie Chan.

Jin is a name that is perfect for children who are happy, carefree, and spirited.

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Kane is a Japanese name but has a universal appeal. The other variants are Cane or Cain. This name shows him that he is a blessing and a blessed one too. Kenshin is a catchy name that everyone will love for sure. Kiran is an Indian unisex name, but generally associated with boys. The other variants are Kirin and Kieran. Lee is a classic and popular name. Its other variant is Leigh. The famous namesake is the former American tennis champion, Michael Chang. The famous bearer of this name is the television and film actor, Ping Wu.

The few that are available are nice and meaningful. It is a one syllable word pronounced as Ray. It can be used for boys and girls and suits boys.

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Raiden sounds quite fiery. Its famous namesake is the Chinese-American author and poet, Russell C. The famous namesake is the American news correspondent and author, Sanjay Gupta. This is a short and sweet Korean name. If you belong to a family of academicians, choose Shirong. Steven is the right name if you want to symbolically crown your boy.

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If you are an adventure lover or a trekker, then this is the name for your champ. If you are a peace lover, Yasushi is the name you must choose. If you want your boy to be a go-getter, then consider Yukio. Your little one brings sunshine in your lives. Akemi is an apt name that ifies just that. Asha is a famous South Eastern Asian name. The famous namesake is the Indian singer, Asha Bhonsle. Its famous namesake is an American writer, Amy Tan. Asmita is modern name that has the old world charm. Akira is a name that grows on you.

Providing a safe shelter for your child is like a self-declaration. Looking for a nature-inspired name? The famous namesake is the Indian television journalist, Barkha Dutt. There could be a reason why your girl arrived into your family. Some names sound as fresh as fruits. Harmony is what we want in our lives. If you are looking for a jewel-inspired name, consider Coral, which is the hard, exoskeleton of marine animals. The famous namesake is the first Asian American brigadier general in the U. Army, Coral Wong Pietsch.

Meditation is a part of Hinduism and Buddhism culture. If you want a name that represents your belief and culture, then consider Dhyana. Your girl brings a world of light in your lives, so why not give her name that means light. And, Elaine means just that. If you belong to the breathtaking islands, this name is for you. The famous namesake is the author and winner of Pulitzer Prize for fiction Jhumpa Lahiri. The famous namesake is the Japanese-American musician and lyricist, June Kuramoto. Its famous namesake is a Chinese-American journalist Helen Zia.

Sometimes you want to go overboard with the meaning of the names. This is one such name. All we wish is a long life for our progeny. Keiko is a charming and elegant name. The famous namesake is a Japanese-American actress, Keiko Agena.

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Kimiko is a Japanese originated name. Kimiko Hahn is a famous poet. The other variant is Christie. The famous namesake is Australian professional baseball playerKristi Harrower. Lei is a diminutive version of Leia. The female lead from the Star Wars movie is named after the variant — Leia.

In spite of being in the dirty waters, the lotus flower is detached from the water and remains pure. The famous namesake is Margaret Cho, stand-up comedian, and television artist. March comes from the month of March, apt for March-born babies.

Maya has a mystical touch to it. Maia is its other variant. This can be an apt name if you belong to a family of singers. Parents looking for a simple and catchy name can bestow this name on their girl. Expecting your little girl to turn into a beauty of grace, then choose Meixiu. This name has Danish origins. The nicknames include Ma, Mae, Mai, and Maia. The famous namesake is the American artist and writer, Mine Okubo. Mika sounds bright and brilliant, and why not? If you are a person who is religiously or spiritually inclined, then do consider this name. Its variants are Mia and Maya.

Patsy is a shorter version of Patricia.

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It is a Latin originated name. This name can be just perfect for your baby, as it represents the true spirit of. It is a sweet, simple, and short name just like your girl. The famous namesake is Japanese jazz pianist, composer, and band leader,Toshiko Akiyoshi. The famous namesake is Tye Leung Schulze.

Cute asian looking for cute girls

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