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In. Black Money Love — Hide Spoilers. I have seen a lot of Turkish drama but Kara Para Ask is always my favorite. The story, the cast the shooting, directing were the best. THE other reviews have mentioned enough about everything except for the one thing I believe was the real key to this huge success:Tayyar and Metin Faith Dundar.

The character of Tayyar is new to the drama he represent pure evil a wolf disguised as lamb and his worst deeds was his son Metin. The first is a successful businessman who has charitable initiatives and has wife and son and everyone loves him, but he hides a criminal aspect of organic trading and money laundering. He has a secret son who he adopted as his nephew and made him a criminal and his right hand his nick name is Metin.

Metin is young man who was born of a crime Tayyar raped his mother and then cut her tongue off and grew up in the dark to become a psycho planning to avenge Tayyar in closest chances.

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But something happens to change his life forever when he falls in love with his prisoner, which teaches him love and represents for him everything that was missing compassion and innocence. They get to know the truth and discover lots of facts about life,family,friends and love. Although i didn't like the ending very well, i expected better but still was good for Turkish they adore sad endings so i should be grateful hahaha. The writers innovated unique characters, especially strong mentally, and emotionally eg: Metin: even made him a victim sympathize with others despite his cruelty!

And I disagree with those who say that the reason for success is Omar and Elif love story because the story between them is not new or attractive, same old boring story, and doesn't evolve or give much pleasure or romance. Tuba Elif didn't act very well to prove her love to the audience, especially in the second season. The rest of the actors were very good, especially Saygin Soysal, who dazzled people with his successful coup for a psychopathic in love and seeking revenge. Again work does not succeed in the names of heroes even if they are stars, but teamwork and innovation and output and production and writing distinctive are making any series successful or not.

Was this review helpful? One of the best series I have ever watched, as a matter of fact I am not so much into series, but this one got me hooked so easily. Kara Para Ask black money Love or Tikur Fikir in Amharic is a success, it has been watched all over the world,a actually as far as I know it's translated into 16 or more languages, very exciting, I want to congratulate the producer, the director, the cameraman, the crew, all the actors and support acts involved in it!

We should always remember without the whole gang the movie wouldn't have accomplished it's achievement. Elif and Omer are of course the gems, the lead actors they have nailed it! What a ificant match and romance. I do not want to pass without commenting on Fetih and Nulfeir's love affair, Nulfier looks so innocent and fragile Fetih's character is awesome, from how he was raised and how Tayer has manipulated him, it really make you believe as if it is a true story.

Fetih well done! Think of Hussein and his wife too! They remind you of those old traditional couple who live next door. A superb family, I love how talkative and naive Hussien wife is Omer's mom is also a brilliant actress! And how about his mistress KPA has so much cries which makes it look unreal at times, but it is OK. And there comes Tayer! He is so good at his role you feel like you want to strangle him yourself! How about Asli and her craziness? Fantastic team, the crew casting should be praised. Excellent music choice, dialects and phrases they used are fascinating you'd want to quote them next time.

All the characters will remain with you for a long time. I noticed few editing flaws, but comparing to the length of the series that should not really matter. Some of the accidents and their recovery seems so fictitious. Around the end I feel like they have tried to stretch it and it was going to start to bore me but then again they pulled it back on the track, instead the finishing could have been more extended. All in all a beautiful must watch series. Outstanding Acting! Love Engin and Tuba Brilliant series overall.

Metin is one of the most fascinating characters you could ever watch! Tuba's actin - Elif is amazing ans so so beautyful! One of the best Tv series! I loved it. Fortunately,I was actually forced to watch this because I was in a hospital and my TV remote didn't work,so i was stuck on just one channel for 8 days.

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At first I was very suspicious because I had some stereotypes about Turkish TV series,but on the third day I was actually enjoying watching it. So what makes Kara Para Ask stand out in infinite bland of weeping women,endless tea drinking they even rival the British people :D ,and more weeping? Even antagonists Tajar,Metin,miss Nedret are really good and you actually start to hate them,which is always a that they nailed their acting.

The only mediocre actress was definitely Nilufer she is truly annoying as somebody already wrote. The best thing is that there are actually quite a few locations in the series,as opposed to your usual Turkish series where there is like 3 houses in the whole series :D -Beautiful soundtrack Explanation:I fell in love with the sounds and songs of this series. I actually went so far that I downloaded 2 songs from it because they were perfect to play while having,um,some fun with my girlfriend.

They really make everything much more compelling and believable. And I left the best for the end: -Amazing story Explanation:The story is just a whole new level for the Turkish series. However they didn't even went far from your usual "love wins all" story,they just upgraded it. Instead of some usual characters you really have unique ones,everyone has its own strengths and weaknesses,and when Omer and Elif try to break through some tough times you are really sympathizing with them.

The story is not just centered on the love of the two protagonists,its also centered on their families,and even love stories of some minor characters Metin- Nilufer. All this really makes it stand out. The best thing:they minimized weeping,although some characters just can't do without it Yes I'm looking at you Nilufer,if your tea isn't sweet enough that's not a reason to cry :D. Without all the tears the series actually just gained on emotional side.

Yet another drawback is totally unrealistic wounds,I mean when you get shot to the head there is really a lot of blood,not just small red blurred dot. I know this ain't Saw or something but that could definitely be better. I don't know,maybe it's just me but after episode 40 i almost knew everything in advance. Sometimes you should just make thing go as planned,without any problems. That's it,thanks for reading! The best and worst part of Kara Para Ask is it's length - it drains you out and at the same time, hooks you at the edge of the seat.

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The characters start to become your own family, their love, pain becomes yours. This one was my longest netflix drama. Amidst the COVID 19 lockdown situation, these hours with Omar, Elif, Arda, Pelin, Asli, Nilu, Tayaar, Fatih, Hussein gave me that energy to stay at home for weeks and remain hooked to this memorable life journey of one the most beautiful on screen couple. After the end also, I am eager to have more of Engin and Tuba- Their love-hate relationship and their smile which makes every fan mad and fall in love again and again.

I love it. Thak you. The story revolves around Omar a working class cop, and Elif, a girl from the upper echelons of society. Tragedy brings them together. So like Korean dramas, we have two people from different classes falling for each other. Of Course they start out, not being able to stand each other. Lke Korean dramas too, There is the girl from his past. But unlike k-dramas, this is not a character with bad intentions. Someone also has des on Elif. Unlike Korean dramas.

Actually, for me it got too sappy. But perhaps that says more about me. Yep, Hugging seems to very popular in Turkey.

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It's not only hugging between the two le, but also between families, and friends of families. There is a archvillain in this. Although you find out pretty early.

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It was quite a shock. Murders are committed by him, and for him. There are kidnappings, and shoot outs. In The area of excitement, the drama doesn't let you down. There are many characters, my favourite being Pelin. The song does not feature in the series. But there is some wonderful Turkish music What are the real faults of the drama.

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Well, as in Korean dramas, there are scenes where it looks like somebody is going to die. But they don't. Although not everyone survives. I'm not sure if this happens in Korean dramas. But the same things to more than one character. There are some scenes meant to convey tension, but you know what's going to happen.

I guess also as some korean dramas, blood and gore are not seen All the main characters are well drawn. The acting is terrific, and I can't fault anybody. One character is a bit of a crybaby. The drama will you give insight into Turkish culture, and their sayings. It aso shows the difference between Omar's family, who I guess are more traditional, and Elif's who are more modern. The lead male is not a very likable character. He is quiet impatient, and not averse to using his fists on suspects. Beside the main story, many of the characters have their own story.

I love Turkish dramas and I watch every one that comes to Netflix. This one was very very good until the second half. Then, in order to make it last longer, they began to repeat certain plot structures The last 20 episodes did this to the extreme and then in the last three they tried to cram in what should have been done in the I am up to the final three and I can see that the characters will not be true to themselves.

Elif is all gung-ho for cop work until her case is solved and she discovers that her whole family is knee deep in dirt. Then suddenly she finds being a cop somehow awful and tells her man it is her way or the highway. Not at all believable. Her expressions are either hard and cold, or broken and crying or mooning over her guy.

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Prisons scenes soooo predictable. Little sister Nulifer was like a guppie, constantly gasping when she should be crying. Acting with her mouth.

Ebony missing love

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