Enjoy being photographed

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Me neither! Here we are, living through our camera phone apps and capturing more photos than ever before.

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Taking a selfie is a very common thing but having photos taken professionally still scares the life out of many people. Or it certainly seems to be the case for the lovely couples who I meet and work with. Happily things are starting to change in the wedding industry and weddings are more unique than ever with couples truly making their own choices about how they get married and celebrate.

Whether that is the big white dress we think we should wear or the full-on glam make-up with the classic up-do. This is where many people start worrying about having photos taken. When we see pictures of ourselves we are often hypercritical of what we look like I do it too.

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But try to look past what you look like and focus on what you are feeling when you look at the photo. We should remember how we felt in that moment and that then transcends into how we see ourselves in the picture. If it was a happy moment and we were smiling and relaxed then this will be exactly what we see and therefore fall in love with that moment and the photos all over again.

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Conversely, if it was a stressful moment and we are captured smiling but a little uptight and not relaxed then that is exactly the moment and feeling we will be transported back to when we look at the picture again. So, the best tip for your wedding day and wedding photos… relax and have fun.

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How do you think you will feel on your wedding day? This is what is going to shine through in your photos. Yes, we all have what we think are our good sides and ways to make our bingo wings a little less obvious, but I promise you on your wedding day these are going to be the furthest thing from your mind. You just got married to the love of your life!! At some point during the day, I will whisk you both off but not for very long to take some pictures of just you two.

This is time for you to really speak to each other and chat to each other about your memories and favourite bits so far, what you got up to in the morning and just how incredible you both feel. The rest of the time all your guests will be vying for your attention. This is it. This is your time.

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The time when you can look at each other and say… wow we did it!! From time to time during these photos, I may ask you to hold hands, give each other a cuddle, stand in a particular spot because it looks fabulous or the light is amazingor take a stroll hand in hand. It is a gentle bit of direction that can help you to feel a little less nervous or give a little focus.

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In the main, I will simply be in the background capturing the moments between you and when you look back at your pictures it will be these feelings and memories you remember. From the happy cuddles, to the excited giggles and everything in between. If you enjoyed this post, you may also like my advice on making your wedding as unique as you are. Thanks for sharing such an amazing blog. You did great work. The photographer did a great job.

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Keep up doing such amazing work. Contact Me. Wedding Top Tips. Thanks for stopping by Fee x. How to get the perfect wedding day timeline. Getting married in Paris. September 3, at am.

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Leave this field empty. I have a very busy week ahead in the office, with. Speech time is always great for capturing brillian. There have been a lot of gorgeous brides on my fee. Back to Top. Search for:. Follow Me on instagram.

Enjoy being photographed

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How To Feel More Comfortable Being Photographed