Girlfriend much needed

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There are several phrases that, when uttered in a relationship, are enough to make your blood run cold. But perhaps the scariest of them all is when a partner asks for space.

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Not only is it tough to figure out how to do so logistically — especially if you live together — but it can also stir up all sorts of insecurities. It's rarely as dramatic as it first sounds, but it's hard not to jump to a million and one conclusions.

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Is she mad? Does he want to leave?

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It also prevents resentment, Simms says, which has a tendency to build when needs go unmet. That said, there definitely is a thing as too much spaceso be wary of a partner who shoos you away on the regular. Kim Chronistera d clinical psychologist, tells Bustle. Sometimes small changes really are enough: For example, if you typically vent to your partner after a long day at work, try checking in to make sure they have the bandwidth before opening up.

Little habits like this one go a long way in regard to respecting boundaries — and thus creating a greater sense of space in your relationship. This is where you or your partner will go to get some privacy whenever necessary.

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Speaking of texts, you could also create space by contacting each other a little less often in general. Think along the lines of taking a class, spending an hour at the gym, jogging around town, or whatever else sounds fun.

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A date night will leave you feeling bonded and close, which will make it easier to spend time apart. If you suspect your partner could use or secretly wants more space, it might be nice to gently nudge them in that direction. Only then will you be able to come up with a game plan, including finding ways to compromiseso that you both have a positive experience in your relationship.

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Does the concept of spending time apart make you feel weird, anxious, or upset? This is something your current partner needs to know ASAP so that they can offer support, reassurance, comfort, and compromise. Instead of trying to guess what your partner is thinking — or worse, waiting for resentment to bubble over — make a concerted effort to talk about your space requirements early and often. Kim Chronisterd clinical psychologist. Christina Dufourwellness coach. Isabelle Morley, Psy. Morgan Van Epp Cutlip, Ph. This article was originally published on Sep. By Carolyn Steber.

Updated: June 30, Originally Published: Sep. Text Each Other Less Often.

Girlfriend much needed

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