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A Wrinkle In Time. He originally appeared on Jon Bailey's YouTube channel as early as and created specific reviews. However, it is important to differentiate between fictional Jon the Epic Voice Guy character and Jon Bailey the voice actor. This article concerns only the fictional character. All the information below is derived from small snippets of personal information the character occasionally reveals while narrating episodes of Honest TrailersHonest Game Trailersand Honest Trailers Anime.

Epic Voice Guy shows a particular interest in kids moviessuperhero movies and action movies. Most especially, Epic Voice Guy loves brutal violence.

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Epic Voice Guy is also an avid gamer and is in deep, deep denial about his World of Warcraft addiction. As a gamer, he is a self-proclaimed completionist with an obsessive need to collect everything and an "animal lust for shiny collectibles. No truly, he's a monster. Additionally, Epic Voice Guy is easily obsessed with mobile games such as Candy Crush Sagaand even turns the date back on his device to get more lives "I think I have a problem".

Despite his utter fixation, he callously refuses to help out any of his Facebook friends with the game. Epic Voice Guy has a tendency to engage in expletive-filled rants directed at other players while gaming. He also threatened to burn down his friend Steven's actual house Epic Voice Guy calls himself a Potterhead. He is also an avid fan of Star Wars - in the Return of the Jedi Honest Trailer he notes that his personal identity is "tied to a soap opera about space wizards.

He wishes he could bathe in Disney IP. He'd totally watch a crossover movie featuring Doctor Strange's cape and Aladdin's rug. But, let's face it, who wouldn't!? Additionally, Epic Voice Guy has read the Meg books and thinks the filmmakers should "respect the Meg canon.

His passion for obscure Robin Hood minutiae is largely driven by his loneliness. Epic Voice Guy also thinks he thought M. Despite his undeniably geeky interests, Epic Voice Guy can be self-conscious when he acts like a stereotypical internet geek. For example, when narrating Scott Pilgrim vs The World, he worried he was becoming "that guy" who always insists the comic book is better than the movie.

Additionally, while narrating Ghostbustershe turned into his abrasive alter ego "Angry Voice Guy" whose personality is roughly equivalent to an abusive internet troll. In the same video, Epic Voice Guy expressed concern that he would be doxxed for making a video about Ghostbusters and calling out Trump.

Epic Voice Guy is well informed about conspiracy theories and believes there is a secret Illuminati based under Denver airportthat Christopher Nolan is sending him secret messagesand that he can predict video game release dates by counting letters. Epic Voice Guy really wishes he could escape the horrible present day. If he could have, Epic Voice Guy would have voted for Obama for a third term. Epic Voice Guy has several bizarre interests and unusual habits. Epic Voice Guy once swore a blood oath to see every film made by The Rock.

Also, laundry karate makes him want to drink bleach. He claims he never makes direct eye contact with anyone. In addition, Epic Voice Guy is bitter that his yard of dead trees attracted the ire of the city, while other people can successfully claim dead trees as "art".

Epic Voice Guy is frequently disturbed to discover that movies he adored as are incredibly dark or crap when re-visited as an adult. He apparently had a strained relationship with his peers as teenager, because as an adult he longed to "murder all the awful people who hated him during High School. Boob Police ", something he now considers cringey but nevertheless wants Netflix to adapt into a film. Epic Voice Guy's social difficulties seem to have continued into his college years, because as an adult he found himself relating to a super villain character who is constantly trying to destroy the world because someone was "kind of a dick to him in college.

He is incredibly proud of this experience. Epic Voice Guy has displayed sexual attraction to people of multiple genders and species, including womenmenrabbitspenguins and aliens. Epic Voice Guy is sexually aroused by kinky sex and sometimes wears overcoats to the theater for Despite his vocal, enthusiastic attraction towards multiple men, Epic Voice Guy has never identified as gay, bi or pansexual.

Epic Voice Guy also loves Benedict Cumberbatch's "beautiful shark face. He is also attracted to Jason Momoa. Epic Voice Guy stated that he found Princess Jasmine hot until he found out she was supposed to be only He also stated that he found Hermione Granger attractive in the Harry Potter movies, but only after she turned Epic Voice Guy is also attracted to extremely old women, for example the 10, year old Katana from Mortal Kombat. He has not officially labelled himself a furry, but he has raised it as a possibility that he is exploring.

Epic Voice Guy freely admits he has a penguin fetish - and he insists his attraction to the species of aquatic flightless birds is "totally normal.

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Epic Voice Guy has shown sexual interest in multiple aliens, including sharing pictures of Thanos bending over in suggestive poses during the Avengers: Infinity War Honest Trailerand declaring himself a Symbrock shipper during the Venom Honest Trailer. Epic Voice Guy is also into swinging. He once hinted that he hooked up with a famous video game deer at a Mario key party.

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Epic Voice Guy exhibits a highly developed understanding of animal reproduction on several occasions. For example, he comments on the breeding patterns of lions in The Lion Kinghighlights the fact that turtle penises are half the length of their bodies in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtlespoints out that clown fish are protandrous hermaphrodites that can change sex before mating in Finding Nemonotes that eels build eggs nests out of their own saliva in The Amazing Spider-Man 2and observes that duck penises are corkscrew shaped and extend to the entire length of their bodies in Howard the Duck.

Epic Voice Guy's fixation with animal reproduction occasionally interferes with his work, for example during the How to Train Your Dragon Honest Trailerhe became momentarily distracted by the anatomical feasibility of a human woman having sexual relations with a bee. Epic Voice Guy objects to anatomically incorrect depictions of animals in movies, including the absence of ape penises in both Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and Kong: Skull Islandand the absence of all sex organs and anuses in Zootopia. However, when animated films do depict animals with realistic anuses such as in The Secret Life of PetsEpic Voice Guy just complains about that too.

It's not just anatomically correct animals that cause Epic Voice Guy distress: anatomically correct mannequins and minotaurs cause the same reaction. It is unclear where Epic Voice Guy obtained his extensive knowledge about animal reproduction or whether it has anything to do his sexual attraction towards Judy Hopps. Epic Voice Guy has difficulty understanding people with foreign accentsespecially if they are delivering plot-dense exposition.

Epic Voice Guy is extremely emotionally volatile. The only time his rage has impeded his ability to do his job was during the recording session for After Eartha film so atrocious he walked out of the booth in disgust. Epic Voice Guy cries during emotional moments in virtually any kids movie, e.

Epic Voice Guy should probably call his Dad and work through his Daddy issues. Epic Voice Guy has extreme difficulty dealing with sadness and vulnerability. Though he cries semi-regularly, he usually insists that he is not crying and tells others not to look at him.

Epic Voice Guy is also prone to bouts of existential dread, usually while watching kids movies. He also has a lot of regret, and wishes he could fix all his life mistakes Epic Voice Guy is or was at one point married. Perhaps his loneliness is also why he's so eager to delete his browser history before he dies? In lateEpic Voice Guy referred to his ex-wife, Karenwho he insists doesn't miss. Epic Voice Guy has a daughter and a son. He is fairly obviously a terrible father. Epic Voice Guy openly admits he was more excited when Captain America picked up Thor's hammer in Avengers: Endgame than he was the day his kids were born.

Epic Voice Guy even claims his children are "not worthy of my time and attention. He traumatized his son, Billy, by showing him the surprisingly violent but bloodless film The Mummy Epic Voice Guy insisted Billy should stop crying because "there aren't even any brains on the floor! Epic Voice Guy has a strained relationship with his father. Their relationship is so bad that any movie scene depicting fatherly affection makes Epic Voice Guy break down into uncontrollable crying.

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Also, Epic Voice Guy's father putting his son him in spandex and beating him with a roomba as may have been a contributing factor. Epic Voice Guy has an older brother, Craig. Even as an adult, he was proud of this feat: "Take that, Craig! She often accidentally posts status updates when searching for oatmeal cookie recipes. Epic Voice Guy has another grandmother, Gram-Gram, who he publicly apologized to after discussing the merits of stun-batoning little old ladies.

It is unclear if Aunt Bev is his actual aunt.

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Epic Voice Guy's family is in a precarious financial situation due to excessive spending on Frozen merchandise for his daughter. Epic Voice Guy is dedicated to provide voice-over for all Honest Trailers regardless of his personal feelings on a film. However, Daredevil was so boring that he fell asleep in the booth, while After Earth was so actively atrocious that he walked out of the booth in disgust.

Epic Voice Guy is so committed to his job that he sprayed silver food mist across his mouth during the recording of Mad Max: Fury Road.

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Apparently it tasted terrible. Epic Voice Guy has multiple phobias including unprepared public speakingclownsnaked elderly womanminionsbeautiful women with very faint birthmarks and poor-quality video game face scans. His greatest fear is the old dancing man from the Six Flags commercials. In addition, he is terrifyingly susceptible to video game jump scares and sometimes experiences urinary incontinence while playing games. Epic Voice Guy would run away from a potential romantic partner who owned a framed Chronicles of Riddick poster.

As would we all. Several things cause Epic Voice Guy to puke including torture porngruesome war violenceshaky camera workvans that smell like assand low-resolution Nintendo 64 video game textures. Epic Voice Guy is occasionally prone to nose bleeds, usually brought on by complicated franchise continuity. A related ailment is his tendency to black-out during overstuffed movies. Epic Voice Guy is also highly photosensitive; he can be blinded by the mere sight of excessive white pancake makeup.

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As far as the writers of this Wiki know, no research is currently being conducted regarding this condition, so its prevalence and severity is unknown. Epic Voice Guy also has a ly unknown form of epididymal hypertension "blue balls" that is triggered by anticipation scenes in horror movies. He refers to this condition as "scare balls. Epic Voice Guy occasionally eats a few edibles before going to the theater. He often compares the experience of watching movies to the effects of various drugs, implying he has extensive first-hand experiences of banned substances.

In the Honest Trailer for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-VerseEpic Voice Guy discovered that he had four alter egos from other dimensions: Epic Geek Girl, who is sunny, upbeat and emotionally healthier; Epic Dungeon Mastera far traveler from a distant realm who earns his keep being critical about movies; Epic Telenovela Woman who puts the passion into Honest Trailers; and Australian Voice Guywhose sole defining feature is that he is Australian.

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