I don t want to be a mistress

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Are you a mistress? Have you been a mistress? First, let me ask you this. What would you say? Would you be happy for her? I know why I was a mistress and none of the reasons were good, but at least I knew why I was doing it. If you are currently a mistress or thinking about becoming one ask yourself this: What do you think the chances are that he will not only leave his wife, but divorce her and then marry you? If you already are, maybe you will think twice about your choice. If you are not a priority what does this mean? It means you do not value yourself enough to be with someone who puts you first.

It also means you do not place your own needs as a top priority. At no time will this man put you and your needs before his obligations and his life. Being a Mistress means you made yourself an option and not a priority. Confident women do not do this. You may think he loves you and not her, and he tells you this, but you have NO IDEA what he tells her behind closed doors. Men in this predicament will say what they need to in order to get what they want.

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If you are single not married and having an affair then you are still alone every time a holiday rolls around. What do you get?

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You are still basically single. Quit pretending you have a boyfriend. He has a wife. You have nothing. You still have no one to tuck you into bed and kiss you on the forehead. Everything is clandestine. You want to go out to dinner. He has to worry about who will see him so nights are always spent in your apartment. Although you think those little moments are everything.

They are really nothing. You want to go to that romantic all-inclusive destination advertised on television.

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How in the world would he ever get a week away? You have to go to Vegas and be hit on by drunk hipsters instead. He only has five minutes on his drive from work to talk. He can only see you for two hours on Friday. He can meet you for a quick lunch on Wednesday at noon, but only at your place. You wait around hoping that you will get to see him and set aside time in case he will be free.

What is good about this? You feel like a secret, because you are a secret. How does it feel to hide your love and hide your feelings from everyone? Being a secret does not feel good. Over time it will wear you down. This is one of the scariest reasons. Why did he cheat on his wife? Why Do Men Cheat?

Think again. If he cheated because there was lack of communication it could easily happen again. If a man cheats with you, can you really trust him? Deep down inside? If you want to take your chances on that, be my guest. But, the odds are not in your favor. No commitment sex with a guy who is completely enamored with you.

But, I assure you, he can and he will feel differently. Men do not view sex the same as women. He can easily keep you on the side and not fall in love with you. He may like you a lot, but is that really enough?

A man had a wife and a mistress and he didn't know who to choose

You are addicted to each other. Just talking, Skyping or seeing each other drives you absolutely crazy. But how often does this happen? Do you get to come home to it? Is it waiting for you with candles and red wine? Likely not. It happens whenever and wherever it can, which makes it all the more enticing. But, this my friend is not reality. You think you love him. You think he loves you. Maybe you do love each other. But, what kind of love is it? If and when he decides to leave his wife AND file papers then, maybe. But still, is he going to be ready to jump into a relationship with you?

What do you really get out of the relationship other than second-hand love? Hey, I get it. But, once you pull yourself out of that hole, decide that you want and deserve better — and remember these 10 not-so-seductive reasons why you should never be a mistress. I am a mistress of a MM. We made sure that no one will know about our secret relationship. He will start the day by sending me one good morning message and end it with one goodnight message but I didnt need to reply because he is with his wife.

For the past 11 months, we are always exchanging messages during working hours. He will escape for at least 2 minutes to visit me in my office and kiss me then go away so that no one will see us. But starting last month, all I received is just the morning and evening messages. He will call only when he is on the way to the office and when he is going home but it only lasted for seconds because he have to delete the call register.

I told him I feel like he is ignoring me and he is afraid to see me even for a second. But he says that I am just stressing my self. He just laugh and tells me I am not ignored. We are okay now but I am not happy. I have low self esteem now. I think he is having another woman. I dont know if it is just my instinct. I have composed several breakup message but im afraid to lose him. That is NOT a relationship. You are not his priority. You already had low self esteem which is why you are even dating a married man in the first place.

What are you afraid to lose? Be honest? You deserve a man who will fully commit to you. Thank you for your reply. This is what I really needed now. I have no one to turn to because I am afraid of what my friends will think of me. That he loves me so much. And I am really thankful because of you and your website. Please look out for yourself. Plus, can you really ever trust a man who cheats?

Oh, years later, surprise surprise my father still cheated on my mother when she was pregnant with my brother. My parents are still…together living in constant psychological corrosion. Growing up is a complete shit show and a lot of putting up a nice front. But I think the damage will be collateral. Living in an environment that puts a premium on denial. If anything let it build your character so you establish who you are and what your boundaries are going forward in life and know you deserve better.

I am a mistress for six years, 3 years for the first guy and 3 years now on my present. I thought the present guy will be whole lot different but it seems that it is turning the same with my experience. I wanted to love myself again, I am 29 years old, I have a good career, but felt like I wasted many years of my life to living a life based on lie and secret.

I wanted to start living again and experience true happiness. Upon reading youri think twiced, and decided to deactivate my in instagram to finally stop communicating with him.

I don t want to be a mistress

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10 Powerful Reasons You Should Never Be a Mistress