Juneau Alaska nude beach

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First of all, no belt loops. What am I supposed do with my thumbs?

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And where do I clip my Leatherman? Although, have you ever been to an actual nude beach? To put it yet another way: your day at the beach is my worst nightmare.

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But not in Juneau. Turns out, it proves an ideal home for the ultra-pale, too — or, as we prefer to call ourselves, Alabaster-Americans.

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Not only do we average something like cloudy days a year. I dig sunshine. Like decent avocados, you take as much as you can get, whenever you can get it and then gorge yourself sick on guacamole before it all starts to rot. And, of course, more sunshine means lower electric bills — although, it also means increased expenditure on beer and ice cream, so they kind of offset.

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I tell them this: up here, daylight is something to track the steady, daily progress of, like baseball statistics or the accumulation of dishes in the drying rack before someone finally ends the passive-aggressive domestic stand-off and puts them back in the cabinet. Then — right before explaining, yet again, how you take California time and subtract an hour — I mention how everyone in Alaska is clinically Vitamin D deficient. This explains why every little kid around here rips off all their clothes any time the clouds part out even for a minute, even if the thermometer barely tops Speaking of which, on second thought, maybe I will risk a little naked sunbathing, after all—just a few minutes, right on the deck.

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They shoot me with a tranquilizer gun? By Adam Bauer I consider it an honor and a privilege to… Continue reading. I pray that we will find a way to become the physicians who heal themselves. 5 questions with retiring Juneau principal. Gimme a Smile: Fill it up with regular I do love going out to the movies. Thank you letters for the week of Sept.

Juneau Alaska nude beach

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