Lady business travelers

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All business travelers have plenty on their plate. There are the personal considerations such as being away from your family.

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Beyond all of that and all the moving parts that can be part of employee business travel, women have even more considerations to think about. Right now, women are the fastest growing demographic when it comes to new business travelers. According to a Skift report, 47 percent of women travel do so for work and business. At the same time, safety remains an issue.

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One in four female travelers have encountered something they viewed as a negative incident while traveling for business according to research from Maiden Voyage. Then, there were also reported incidents that were very personal, such as stalking, sexual assault, and harassment. There are things that both women travelers and their employers have to think about that might not necessarily be the case otherwise.

For example, what about traveling within a destination? How safe is public transportation? Research from the Global Business Travel Association found that even though there is a high level of awareness regarding the risks faced by female business travelers, only 18 percent of corporate travel policies reflect this.

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There should be a gender-specific component to employee travel policies and training programs when it comes to certain considerations. Depending on the destination a woman is going, the cultural norms and the risks can be very different. Along with concerns based on location and also ground transportation, lodging should be a ificant consideration when planning a business trip for a women.

Travel organizations recommend that female travelers are booked into rooms that are at a minimum on the third floor and ideally higher. There should be limited access to their rooms from the outside according to general recommendations. It can be a necessary component of the job, and with women taking on more leadership positions in many companies, they need to feel like their employer is going to take every possible step to ensure that any business travel they do goes smoothly.

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They understand that success is a journey involving personal growth, savvy optimism and the tenacity to be the best. We believe in pragmatism, having fun, hard-work and sharing inspiration.

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Lady business travelers

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With Spotlight on Female Travel Safety, How to Protect All Employees During Their Trips