Looking for nice guy friends

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Welcome to… cue thunder and scary music… the friend zone. Am I not attractive?

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Before I became a dating coach, I spent more time in the friend zone than Walter Payton spent in the end zone. But with effort and courage, I learned to escape the friend zone by connecting with women in an authentic way—and now I help men on The League do the same.

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Embrace it and you will add a key ingredient to your dates and interactions: edge. Women like nice guys. Whether with dates, text exchanges, League Live speed dates, women quickly lose interest. Yes, most women want to date kind, respectful gentlemen. They also want a guy with a little edge. You can still be a good, solid guy while having some edge.

Take my client Trevor, 33, who was getting friend-zoned on date after date. He felt stuck. Sparks flew, lighting up the dark wine bar. They were soon dating exclusively. He escaped, and so can you. Here are seven ways to add an edge to your dating game while still being the kind and respectful gentleman you are. You want to be a hot guy, not the helpful Honda guy. Your first-date wardrobe should contain quality essentials such as fitted button-downs, dark denim jeans, leather lace-up shoes, and a suede or leather jacket.

Want instant edge? Try this look: distressed jeans, stylish sneakers such as Stan Smithsa fitted blazer, and a T-shirt featuring your favorite rock band. How about [day and time.

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Women love a man with a plan. The more unusual or adventuresome, the better. Yawn, right? But on dates, he talks about the screenplay he just finished—a dark, weird murder-thriller story. They see an artsy screenwriter. Women and people in general are drawn to passionate men.

A good story invites her to share her stories with you.

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What kind of stories? I once outfoxed a mugger in Geneva who tried to pass off a bong as a weapon. My client Craig—on his first date with his future girlfriend Allison—told her about the time he snuck into Canada by hiding inside a rolled-up carpet in an SUV. A great first date can mainly be the two of you swapping fun stories. Yes, guys want to impress women. No shame there.

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I sucked in my gut today when the cute barista handed me my latte. They speak their minds without a filter, which can exciting and, yes, edgy. This can mean being vulnerable, silly, snarky, sweet—it depends on the situation. Only make statements. By not asking questions, you have to dig deeper.

Look for something light to tease her about. Choose a topic that would not offend her. No jokes about her appearance, family or pets. Be cheeky, not mean. Keep it playful—perhaps she has trashy taste in movies or TV shows. Hey, we all want to feel sexy. Go deeper. Tell her the inner quality that you find sexy: her wit, her ambition, her silliness.

No faking this. You must mean it.

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If this tip seems scary, good! Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Express To Impress Yes, guys want to impress women. Remember: To impress, you must express.

Looking for nice guy friends

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