Looking to finger a woman

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Everyone likes different things. Here are variations and tips. Find out together which ones turn you on. Want to check the basics again? Have a look at How does fingering work?

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You also have eye contact. The woman lies on her back. Stroke the insides of her thighs and breasts. Do this before you start fingering, or touch her breasts and vagina at the same time. The woman bends her knees and you kneel down between them.

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Touch the clitoris and surrounding area. Moisten your fingers with vaginal fluid or saliva and put 1 or 2 of them in her vagina. Alternate back-and-forth motions with circular ones on her vaginal walls. Use your finger to stimulate the G-spot inside her vagina. Stimulate her clitoris at the same time. You can do that with your fingers or with your mouth. Have a look at Cunnilingus. You can combine fingering with other enjoyable touching.

You could kiss each other at the same time. You're opposite each other; one sitting and the other one squatting. Caress and kiss each other. Touch various nice spots on each other's bodies. Get her to lean back or think up some creative alternative together! Stroke each other's bottom and back as well. Ideal as foreplay, or as a way of stretching your legs in between different positions! If the woman is leaning against a wall, she can lift a leg up and wrap it around your hips. That makes it easier to get to her clitoris and to put your fingers in her vagina. You can finger in different positions.

The woman gets on her knees. You kneel behind her.

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That makes it easier for you to reach: stroke her clitoris and vagina at the same time. You have no eye contact but you do have lots of skin contact. Touch her breasts, belly and neck. Surprise her! Being behind her means you can feel her bottom against your belly or penis. A good position for body-to-body rubbing. The woman is on her hands and knees. You put your hand between her legs, or round the side of her leg, to finger her. Caress her labia and clitoris or push 1 or more fingers into her vagina.

You can penetrate deeper in this position. Can you feel a hard bulge deep in her vagina? That is her cervix.

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Soa Aids Nederland uses cookies to offer the best website experience possible and to anonymously analyze website behaviour. More information. Better fingering? Home Sex Sex techniques Fingering Better fingering? Lees voor. Print Share Facebook Twitter. Quick to Fingering a woman Close together Slightly different. You see 2 women here, but of course a man and a woman could do this too.

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Ask her to guide your hands and to show you what she likes. You see a woman and a man here, but of course 2 women could do this too. Close together You can combine fingering with other enjoyable touching. Slightly different You can finger in different positions. Caress her bottom. Gently or more firmly. More on Fingering? How does fingering work?

Fingering means touching the clitoris and vagina with your fingers. When a woman More information X.

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Looking to finger a woman

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