Massage happy ending in Freedom

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Rajiv and Arjun have been friends since school and have grown up together. Payal and Sonia became friends after getting married. Both the couples got married while in the mids and are happily married for a couple of years without any.

All four are good friends and meet every weekend, but never spoke about sex or had any wrong intentions. On Tuesday, Rajiv was supposed to meet Arjun for dinner and a boys night out. Payal was supposed to hang out with Sonia at their home. But, life has its own way.

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Payal, who was a quality manager in a textile manufacturing facility, got an urgent call from her office to travel to Thailand for a meeting. Payal told Rajiv about it and called Sonia to cancel the plan. Sonia was excited about hearing the plan as she always wanted to go to Thailand and immerse in the sin city. Sonia and Payal whispered on the phone, giggled and smiled. Sonia looked stunning in her shorts, which showed her long, shiny and recently waxed legs. She wore a noddle-strap top of black colour which showed her red colour bra and the upper half of the perky tits.

Rajiv was constantly staring at Sonia and had a hard-on looking at her assets. On the other hand, Payal was moderately dressed in denim shorts, which was showing her tanned legs and curvy ass and a tight tee, which was a size smaller than her well-rounded breast.


Sonia and Payal were of similar sizes — Though from orthodox families, both Payal and Sonia were horny bitches in bed and never fell short of teasing their husbands. Payal and Sonia bid goodbye to their husbands and boarded the flight. In the flight, Payal and Sonia were discussing what all they want to do in Thailand. Sonia said she had heard a lot about the beaches, massages and night life and want to try all those, with a wink to Payal. After landing, Payal and Sonia checked into a 5-star hotel.

Payal quickly changed into a sexy one-piece black dress and left for her meeting. In the meantime, Sonia booked herself the famous Thai body massage. Frank, the Thai masseur knocked on the door. Frank came inside the room and set up the massage table. Frank prepared herbal tea for Sonia and asked her preference of massage. Sonia wanted to relax after the long flight and asked for a full body massage. She felt goosebumps as she knew for the full body massage she would need to strip and be in her birthday dress. Meanwhile, Frank washed the feet of Sonia in hot water and also massaged them gently.

After 5 minutes, Frank asked Sonia to remove her clothes and sleep face down. Sonia thought for a while and decided to strip in front of Frank as she knew he would see her nude anyway after some time. Being excited, she teased Frank for some time by first slowly opening her shorts and then followed by her top. Now she was only in her sexy lace bra and panty. The bra was a size smaller to her boobs size of 36 and they were oozing out of the bra.

Sonia now unhooked her bra from behind and held the cups of the bra with her left hand and slowly pulled the panty down with her right hand and simultaneously dropped her bra down. Frank was watching her and the effect was showing in his track pants. Sonia laid face down on the table and Frank started the massage from her neck to the shoulders, slowly moving down towards her back. Frank massaged towards her thighs for minutes and then started massaging her inner things. Sonia left a soft moan. Frank used warm herbal oil and the aroma was awakening the sexual senses of this Indian wife.

Sonia was asked to turn around and her 36 size breasts, fully waxed body and hairless pussy were in full view fo Frank.

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Noticing an Indian beauty naked before him, Frank had a boner which was visible from the tent formed in his tracks. Sonia slowly whispered Frank to press her boobs more and cup them in his hands. Frank obeying Sonia, massaged her boobs with long and short strokes. Sonia kept on moaning ahhhh and was asking Frank to continue. Frank slowly moved towards her stomach and poured the oil in her navel and inserted his finger to massage her navel. Sonia could not bear this and her pussy became wet after the boob-massage by Frank.

Frank slowly moved to her things and started massaging the outer things. Slowly, he moved to inner things and asked Sonia to spread her legs. Sonia, though shy, spread her legs and Frank started massaging her inner thighs, slowly moving towards her hairless pussy. With each movement of Frank, Sonia was trembling with excitement and her pussy was becoming more wet.

Finally, Frank took some oil in his hands and applied it gently on her pussy lips, a moan escaped from Sonia. Slowly, Frank stopped massaging her pussy and looked at Sonia. She looked at him, his masculine body and the bulge in his tracks. In the heat of the moment, she wanted to try that, but was unable to tell it to Frank due to shyness and probably guilt of being naked in front of a male other than her husband Arjun.

As if it was God heard, Frank told Sonia that if she wanted she could add additional services to the massage. Sonia jumped on it and asked, what additional services? Sonia was waiting for this moment and without thinking, she said yes to Frank. Frank d the massage of her pussy and slowly inserted one finger in the pussy.

Sonia knew no bounds and started moaning loudly and asking Frank to fuck her brains out. Frank continued to finger Sonia and with the other hand, he was pressing her right boob roughly. Now the horny Indian lady wanted it to fuck her pussy hard. Sonia gave Frank a handjob for a few minutes, followed by a blowjob.

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Frank then lifted Sonia and carried her to the bed. Sonia started shouting asking Frank to fuck her and make her his bitch — fuck her so hard that she would never forget it, punish her and show her heaven. The masseur slowly pushed his dick inside the Indian pussy in missionary position. She started shouting and asking him to take it out. Even though Sonia and Arjun has a good sex life, Sonia felt like a virgin until that moment when the Thai massager inserted his dick in her.

Fuck me hard. Frank needed no more motivation and he started banging this married Indian woman hard as she kept on asking for more. He pressed her boobs hard and pinched her nipples. Frank then turned Sonia and made her come on her four in doggy position and started fucking her from behind.

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Sonia was enjoying and shouting loud, asking Frank to destroy her pussy and fuck her as his bitch. After some time, Frank slept on the bed and Sonia jumped on his and started riding him. While Sonia was riding him, Frank mauled her boobs and they soon turned red. After riding Frank for minutes, Sonia was tired. Frank immediately lifted her and inserted his cock in her pussy in a standing position and smooched her lips.

Frank kissed Sonia on her neck, nape, shoulder, and breast while he continued to fuck her. Finally, Frank told Sonia that he was coming and asked where to cum? Sonia told him to cum on her boobs. Sonia started giving him a handjob and Frank started fingering her pussy vigorously. Sonia was exhausted and lost count of the of orgasms she had in the past 3 hours. She looked up at the time, it was pm. Sonia paid Frank for the massage and walked back to the hot tub in the bathroom.

Sonia soaked herself in the bathtub for 30 minutes and then got a call from Payal saying that she might be late. Sonia thought for some time and walked to the mini-bar and opened a bottle of wine. She walked towards the balcony and sat down sipping her wine and thinking of the past 4 hours.

Slowly, her right hand moved towards her pussy and the left hand started pressing her right boob. Sonia walked back to the bed and started fingering herself thinking about the time she had with the masseur Frank. Suddenly, the door opened and she saw Payal standing there staring at her. Payal noticed Sonia with her hand inside her shorts, top removed and one boob outside the bra cup. She walked towards Sonia and asked her what the hell was happening.

Sonia was sexually very excited and did not know what to do. Suddenly, she got up and smooched Payal on her lips. What did you think of this story?? If IndianSexStories2. If you're on ISSstories.

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