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Who are the most attractive women over 60?

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This list includes images of older women whose looks have never faded, despite the passing of decades. These gorgeous famous women over 60 prove that in some cases, it is possible for beautiful actresses or models to age gracefully. For these ladies, time stands still. Which woman over 60 do people think should be at the top of this list? From Helen Mirren to Meryl Streep to Goldie Hawn, many of these sexy women in their 60s, are also considered among the best actresses in film history, not to mention the most beautiful women of all time.

It goes without saying, but not every person in their sixties can look this good. Whatever the case may be, you get to help determine the most attractive lady in her 60s - whether she's an actor, singer, TV personality, or otherwise.

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At first glance you might not guess that these great-looking women are sixty plus years old, some of them are 62, 64, 65 yrs, and older. You will most likely still recognize them from magazine covers and paparazzi pictures.

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You can also check out these lists that have photos of the hottest women over 40 and the most attractive women over Who do you think are the hottest mature women? Make your opinion known by voting up your favorites below.

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More Christie Brinkley. More Jane Seymour.

60 Years Beautiful: Natural Makeup How To for Mature Women: Everyday Makeup Tutorial

More Jaclyn Smith. More Morgan Fairchild.

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Christie Brinkley. Jane Seymour. Jaclyn Smith. Morgan Fairchild.

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People People.

Mature looking 63

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