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The FLH was made up of a variety of semi- autonomous groups that operated individually but maintained contact with one another through a non-hierarchical organizational structure, enabling coordination and collaboration on actions and documents. Many of these groups were on the far leftand expressed anti-imperialism and anti-capitalism along with their advocacy for LGBT rightswomen's rightsand labor rights ; a view of all forms of oppression as interconnected was a key aspect of the FLH overall.

They subsequently published six issues of an underground magazine called Somos from December through January Somos included criticism of capitalismpatriarchyand heteronormativity as well as utopian messaging about sexual freedom; as time passed it became less journalistic and more cultural, and began to include art and poetry. The FLH eventually dissolved in June as a result of severe political repression. Some members fled to Europe and to other countries in Latin Americaand many others were tortureddisappearedor murdered during the Dirty War.

In the meeting, the group of Nuestro Mundo members was ed by a group of others, many of them university students who were studying the social sciences [2] at the University of Buenos Aires. Large informational meetings were held in private residences to provide information about the FLH; after a general explanation of the organization's political platform, people who became interested could an "awareness group" called Alborada from which they could transfer to one of the other factions that made up the FLH. They are ridiculed and marginalized, severely suffering the brutally imposed absurdity of the monogamous heterosexual society" [a] and that "this oppression comes from a social system that considers reproduction as the sole objective of sex".

There was tension between intellectualism and militantism within the FLH, particularly between the Profesionales and Eros. As a result, the FLH began dialogues with Peronist leaders and the government; the main focus of the FLH during this period was lobbying in an attempt to influence public policy.

However, there was not a full consensus within the FLH in favor of Peronism, nor was there one that members should be present in Ezeiza for the event. Left-wing Peronism and the revolutionary left as a whole were somewhat inaccessible to the FLH due to homophobia ; [23] the left-wing consensus was that homosexuality was a counterrevolutionary product of moral degeneration under capitalism, and would fade away after the revolution along with issues like illiteracy and unemployment.

Colonel Jorge Osinde used this association to discredit the left-wing Peronist organizations, putting up posters that accused both groups of being drug addicts and homosexuals. The response from both the Montoneros and the Youth was homophobic; they began using a chant at marches in which they denied being putos literally "man-whores", used as a pejorative term for gay men and faloperos a pejorative slang term for people addicted to drugs. Repression of homosexuals exceeded historical levels, and the Argentine Anticommunist Alliance became active.

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By the end ofthe FLH had entirely separated itself from Peronism. The interview was with two FLH members who wore ski masks [16] that covered their faces. The group effectively disbanded shortly afterward due to political repression. Each flyer was cut into an eye-catching shape and bore the image of a raised fist along with a slogan.

The goal of the campaign was to foster empathy for gay people by equating the repression of homosexuals with political repression as a whole.

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Intended for public consumption, the newspaper was circulated among government officials and activists, and additionally sold at some newsstands ; copies were sent to some international organizations as well. The articles were intended to appeal to political factions with which the FLH was interested in collaborating, and to respond to the most popular homophobic rhetoric of the time.

The newspaper opened with a description of the FLH. Two articles were written by the Profesionales, with one discussing the history of homosexuality in Mesopotamia and arguing that it was not repressed, and the other drawing a connection between machismo and capitalism. A section discussed the Kinsey Report and argued that homosexuality was both inevitable and natural throughout human history.

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One, written by a group of Catholic homosexuals, both defended the Catholic Church against common criticisms and attempted to appeal to progressive sections of the Church. The other two were both by Black groups in the United States, and included a letter from the Black Panthers as well as a leaflet from a group of Black homosexuals which rebuked revolutionaries who did not defend or support homosexuality. Additionally, where publications by the FLH had included only text, Somos had illustrations.

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The first issue of Somos included the following message: [f] [9]. Once some of us dreamed of a place.

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It was an open, spacious place. Instead of exploiting each other, the people loved each other. Nobody attacked anyone, because everyone made love with whoever they wanted. In addition to utopian messaging about sexual freedom, Somos included criticism of capitalismpatriarchy, heteronormativityand the treatment of gay people in Cuba.

The third issue of Somospublished inargued for pride in shared homosexual identity: [g] [30]. Like any oppressed group, homosexuals typically lack a satisfactory identity.

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And secondly, we must proudly vindicate ourselves as homosexuals, throwing away once and for all the tremendous weight of shame and guilt that we have been made to feel. It additionally included a section on methods of treatment for sexually transmitted infections. Many articles began using slang from within the community.

The sixth and final issue of Somos was published in Januarywith its shorter of s reflecting the deterioration of the FLH under political repression. The group would dissolve shortly after. A few months later, in Marchpolice officers were ordered to "scare the homosexuals off the streets" [h] as preparation began for the FIFA World Cup to be held in Argentina. This article is about the group in Argentina.

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