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So let's get one thing straight: I'm fine with being mixed-race. What I'm not fine with is how people approach me because of it.

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I have been stopped on the street, in elevators, and even yelled at on a ferry because people have so desperately wanted to know "what I was. No, where are you really from—where are your parents from? What's so bad about these kind of questions isn't even the questions themselves—it's the intrusive way in which they have been thrust upon me. Not only do the people asking about my racial makeup feel entitled to know personal things about my life, my family, and my history, but they feel like their "need" to ask questions is more important than whatever it was I was trying to do at the moment they decided to ask.

I'm an introvert, and despite how willing I am to share the details of my life on the Internet, I'm actually very private in person.

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That means all of the above and the list coming below is a big no-no for me, especially within the first five minutes of meeting me. It instantly comes across as a thinly veiled way of saying, "You look different, but in an aesthetically acceptable way.


When people try to tell me that mixed race individuals are "the future of the U. S," they usually unknowingly deny how mixed race people that came from colonialism and slavery literally provided the foundations for this country. I understand that most of the time, it's completely unintentional.

But intent is never an excuse for impact, because impact stings for a long, long time. Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to be half-white to be mixed race.

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Surprisingly, a white person doesn't need to be involved in the conception of every single baby on the planet. I know, I'll give you a minute to absorb the shock of that truth bomb. Uh, because I went to school in the U. And for that matter, why can't you? Please stop treating my uterus like a genetic Vitamix.

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Why would you automatically assume otherwise? No, genius, they've shunned me just as every family does when someone is born into it who doesn't identically resemble every other member of the family.

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No, I bet I could've gotten into any school because I'm an intelligent woman and I worked my ass off. I would imagine a lot of things are hard for a lot of parents. Pretty sure that me being a living expression of their genetic merging was an "extremely cool" thing, not a "hard" thing.

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And mono-racial people aren't? Also, please stop talking about us like we are little dolls who are here exclusively for you to "ooh" and "ahh" over.

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For you to say that I am beautiful is a compliment—to say anything that generalizes literally millions of people is unavoidably underscored by a mindset that says we're "all the same," and even if it's sugar-coated with a "compliment," that's never going to be anything but offensive and dehumanizing.

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Need a mixed girl

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