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Hannah Cox from betternotstop shares her advice on the best adventure websites full disclosure - we didn't ask Hannah to include Explorers Connect but we're very happy to share her article! A self-starting Adventurer can create a social mediablogger or WordPress site quite easily for free. Not all sites are created equal though. Sponsored posts, reviews, and affiliate linking are all understandable and sometimes necessary sources of income for Adventure Websites.

However, a good Adventure Website will focus on creating interesting and great content for its readers foremost. It then will provide you an opportunity to support its writers through fundraising, speaking engagements, book sales, and events.

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These have provided me invaluable advice and support in my own adventures and research. I wanted to share with you the blogs that have inspired me the most. I wanted to share with you the Adventure Websites that have inspired me the most.

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These are the ones that I am ed up to the newsletter, ones I support through fundraising contributions and have literally, bought the book. In a veritable sea of information available online, these are the websites that stand out to me. I find his blog a bit difficult to navigate, which is a shame as its FULL of useful stuff.

Make sure you up to his newsletter. Again, someone whose blog I enjoyed so much, I bought his first book, Janapar — followed by the film. I then supported on Kickstarter his next two projects and have had him come and speak at a festival I worked on We had technical difficulties which he was lovely about.

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Another brilliant man. This will be a long distance hiking trail around 3,km in length, following the Greater and Lesser Caucasus Mountains and connecting roughly two dozen national parks and protected areas in the region. His journey has been a fascinating one to watch, especially as his current project seems to be the passion project that he was always meant to do.

Tom and his team are creating real sustainable tourism, supporting communities and creating what will become a world famous hiking route. Interested in ing me? Get in Touch! Created by Belinda Kirk, an expert expedition leader, this website connects together an adventure community of over 25, people. The blog contains practical step by step guides for a variety of adventure types, as well as interviews with people looking for teammates. Additionally, the site offers Adventures and Courses in the UK and abroad. For me, this site offers the biggest variety of ways to get involved — a great all-rounder.

Created by Adventurer Cathy Dowd, best known as the 1st woman in the world to climb Everest from both sides. As someone who has made her career in Motivational Speaking for 20 years, she is well qualified to delve deeply into creating a career around Adventure. She covers growing your brand, and how to. Cathy covers growing your brand and talks about how to search for sponsorship, book sales, fundraising and more. Her interviews and blog are jam-packed with interesting observations, actionable points, and inspiration.

This site is aimed at people who have an interest in making Adventure a career so may not be for all of you. A relative newbie on my list, at first glance, the adventure blog of a serving officer of the British Army was a surprise addition to one of my favourite blogs at the moment. His writing style is honest, talking about all the different ways and reasons Adventure is part of his life.

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As a male writer, this is refreshing amongst some of the overall macho websites I have come across. He deals with the real issues surrounding Adventures — Adam has recently moved to Cyprus with his Wife, and talks about balance the urge for Adventure, with real life and relationships. This article about it is worth a read. I was lucky when on my first date!! He agreed, and we left 18 months later. Balancing relationships is something many Adventurers struggle with. The life of an Adventurer is never predictable! Back to Adam. I like the fact he writes about the variety of aspects of Adventure, and it was a single article about adjusting back to reality after his trek around Nepal that made me realise he was one to watch.

Since then he has collaborated with both Tom and Alastair, as well as solo journeys throughout his career. This blog is not as regularly contributed to as some of the others — Leon is after all either on an Adventure or writing a book about it! However ing up to his newsletter will allow you to keep up to date with his journeys, including a new book he has out, The Land Beyond, about his 1, mile trip across the Middle East.

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Like Explorers Connect, Love Her Wild aims to connect adventurers in real life as well — lots of opportunities to meet like-minded people in the UK. Mostly London or Bristol, It seems that most Adventurers live in those two places according to the adventure sites I read? Most adventures on this site are based on physical activity, so if you want to focus on fitness this is a great site for you. Chris has visited every country in the World.

Let that sink in. His site looks at living an unconventional life — focusing on not just travel, but work and lifestyle changes — this really resonated with me. Again, no mumbo-jumbo — lots of actionable tasks, actual research and examples and practical advice.

You know how much I love practical advice! Since then he has released two more books — both of which are now on my reading list. A website suited for Budget Travel, Matt has a huge amount of information on budget travel all around the world. Not only that he really delves into the cultures, as well as looking at important things like gear, saving and budgeting on the road. I love his writing and his weekly newsletter is always pretty informative, and his community area is much better than the Lonely Planet, which has gone totally downhill for me not even included in this list.

Something to be aware of is the affiliate links on this site for things like Travel Insurance. Matt recommends quite a pricey option which is known to provide its advocates with a good commission. Perhaps due to my health issues, Phil and I actually found a lot cheaper insurer for our trip elsewhere. I describe myself as a Minimalist Adventurer and Business Owner — because I work and travel at the same time. I think we can change the world if we do the work. And have a good wifi.

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A trip of a lifetime. And you only need to take 9 days off work. This brand new, unique mental health first aid course has been deed specifically for people who work in an outdoors environment, when sensitive situations demand an immediate response. If you're looking to be more confident in the outdoors, would like to know what to do in an emergency or to revalidate your first aid qualification for NGB awards, this hands-on course is perfect for you.

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Make a life-changing step and other like-minded people to learn the hard and soft skills needed to lead expeditions and find out how to get a job in the adventure industry. Walk across Cornwall on this wonderful old pilgrimage route through stunningly varied landscapes, from pretty Ptow on the north coast to fair Fowey on the south. This hands-on workshop will see you distilling your adventures into sentences that sing. It'll cover the techniques to harness your story and editors' pet hates.

She covers growing your brand, and how to Cathy covers growing your brand and talks about how to search for sponsorship, book sales, fundraising and more. I love his writing and his weekly newsletter is always pretty informative, and his community area is much better than the Lonely Planet, which has gone totally downhill for me not even included in this list Something to be aware of is the affiliate links on this site for things like Travel Insurance. Everest Base Camp Trek. Mental Health First Aid for the Outdoors. Remote First Aid Training.

Expedition Leadership Course. Scrambling and Performance Coaching. Saints' Way. Adventure Writing Workshop.

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Pacific Crest Trail - hiking the length of the US. Hiking the Transcaucasian Trail.

Online adventure wanted

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