Pennsylvania teens sex

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Planned Parenthood and voters agree that young people want and need comprehensive sex education.

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This should include information about abstinence, as well as information about healthy relationships, contraception, consent, and preventing STDs. Real sex education works.

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It has been shown to delay intercourse, decrease the of sexual partners, and increase use of contraception. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of the public agrees with a comprehensive, practical approach to sex education which extends across political parties and religious groups.

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For more than two decades, federal funding has been directed to abstinence-only programs. Unfortunately, abstinence-only programs deny teens the information they need to prevent unintended pregnancy and STDs.

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Many teens who have participated in abstinence-only programs are less likely to use contraception or get tested for STDs. For more information on sex education, please visit the Planned Parenthood Action Fund website.

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Pennsylvania teens sex

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