Priestess of the erotic

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I believe we could greatly decrease the astronomical amount of unhappy relationships, divorce and sexless marriage if we released the cultural power play of one partner needing sex and one partner being the holder or withholder of sex. One partner holds sexual power and the other is a victim of that power when they don't receive access to it.

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This also manifests as the "your needs are competing with my needs" story. This creates a loop that blocks intimacy. In its pure form, desire does not have attachment.

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Desire is NOT something that needs to be fulfilled by an outside source. Desire and longing show us where to direct our life force, or erotic energy. The Virgin and The High Priestess archetypes teach us how to cultivate and steward our own life force energy to nourish the wholeness of our beings.

Entering the Temple of the Goddess: Sex Priestesses

They are the sovereign keepers of their own fires and in deep relationship with the erotic in all things. These archetypes reveal that raw sex energy is infinitely available and the gateway to thriving. This is something that we create within ourselves and is not dependent on another.

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When we show up whole unto ourselves with vital eros pulsing inside of us, our desires begin to magnetize toward us. Coaching About Muse Connect. Turn on--sexual and otherwise--is fully an inside job.

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Priestess of the erotic

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Journey of The Temple Priestess. Level 2. Erotic Intelligence. Sydney.