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Well…now you know! This reading order is recommended for your second read-through.

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For your first read through, see the Reading Order. See a glimpse of James Hunter and friends in high school.

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Only available HERE. Growing up, Penny always had a crush on the sexy baker at her favorite restaurant in Philly - La Patisieri. The second half of the fall semester for James and Penny. Mason lost touch with James and went a little wild, but meeting Bee helped him settle down…. This is her story. Then she became besties with Mila. Penny is finally graduating! Now she and James can be together with no drama. Or not One of the housewives from Windy Park is having some trouble with her marriage, so her bestie recommends she go on a trip to an exotic resort.

Sexiness ensues.

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And Alina happens to be having her bachelorette party there at the same time! And Rory and Keira cater a party.

๖ۣۜFelicity Smoak -- We Are Young

While Penny is busy getting married in DevotionTyler takes a road trip to find himself…and love. The housewives of Windy Park are up to no good again. James and Penny are back and hotter than ever! What is Tanner up to?!

First Comes Sex... I Single's Guide to Iceland Part 1/3

Find out in The Society. What was Tanner thinking when he first saw Ash stalking him? Find out in his point-of-view! And yes…I know that this chronologically occurs before StalkerProblems. But Tanner should really be read after it. A romantic suspense series that takes place in NYC. You know Professor Hunter is going to be mentioned!

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The letters that Miles wrote to Summer during their years apart. Get ready for a wild ride! Back to Windy Park! Adeline and Ben are mentioned, but the focus is on a new couple: Violet and Tucker. Back to Windy Park again for the annual Christmas light competition! Oh, and Ensley kidnapped her good-for-nothing husband. This was the second book I ever wrote, a few years before Temptation was written!

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Sex dating in Smoaks

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