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Winnipeg residents fed up with sex trade

Content. If you think is being harmed or neglected. Note: If this is an emergency, contact your local police emergency. StreetReach is part of Tracia's Trust, the Manitoba government's strategy to prevent sexual exploitation of children and youth.

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The StreetReach program currently includes a Winnipeg team formed July with representation from child welfare, law enforcement and non-governmental organizations who work collaboratively to respond to children and youth at high risk of being violently victimized through the sex trade. It has four goals.

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They work with children and young people in Winnipeg who are at the highest risk of sexual abuse through sexual exploitation ly known as youth prostitution - on the street, through the Internet and behind closed doors. A high risk victim HRV is or young person who has been assessed by a team of professionals to be at an extremely high risk of being violently victimized through the sex trade.

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The primary goal of the program is to locate and return youth to their placement or place of safety while building safe and trusting relationships. Research shows that team of professionals from several fields, who work together, have greater understanding, better efficiency and more success when working with high risk victims.

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Co-ordinated StreetReach team members share a variety of experiences and skills that make them particularly effective at intervention and prevention. They can also co-ordinate and share their departmental and agency resources to use them more effectively. The StreetReach team in Manitoba has showed important achievements, including:.

This includes providing a rapid and coordinated response to safely locate missing, exploited children and youth and to successfully identify their offenders. Get Started.

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Who is most at risk? What do we know about the causes?

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What can be done?

Sex in Winnipeg tx

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