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T he right is making Britain a normal country. Like authoritarian governments everywhere, the Johnson administration wants to rig the system. Because it involves the degradation of the civil service, the Greensill scandal is as much an opportunity for Johnson as a crisis. The right can use the failure of the worst elements in the civil service to even acknowledge the existence of basic ethical standards to justify stuffing public life with Tory cranks and drones.

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At least some on the right know it. Labour contrasts the eagerness of ministers to investigate the civil service with their reluctance to let the rest of society investigate them. The government has not published a register of ministerial interests since last July, perhaps because the fate of the Covid contracts would make such interesting reading. The administration can move quickly when it wants to, however.

The venality that once worried Victorian liberals is echoed in The securement of places in the bureaucracy for the politically well connected bothered them as much as straightforward bribery. Reformers around the world reach the same conclusion today.

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Southern Europeans use the absence of a permanent civil service to explain why corruption is so prevalent in Spain and Italy. There is an old, white, Anglo-Saxon protestant prejudice that siestas or Catholicism made those countries sleazy, an attitude you could also find in Germany and the Netherlands during the financial crisis. Southern European political scientists understandably prefer facts about how their countries work to Wasp condescension. As one explained, when a party wins control of a typical Spanish city, it hands out jobs to hundreds of supporters. Many of them will feel the need to get rich quick by every available means, in case their party loses the next election.

Their masters, meanwhile, are free to enrich themselves without the fear that independent civil servants will denounce them. Johnson is reviving the old corruption of the 19th century and imitating the corruption that afflicts much of the world today. When he had power, Cummings pretended he wanted to hire geeky geniuses to shake up the country.

On closer inspection, his geeks did not turn out to be the stars of Silicon Valley or Jeff Goldblum characters who could save the world from alien attacks. They were creepy, rightwing cranks you would move down a train carriage to avoid. One obscure figure called Andrew Sabisky had to re after he was found commending eugenics. In China, Russia, and every one-party state, and in Hungary, Turkey, Brazil, the Philippines, Poland and the United States, an equally important function of state patronage is to make it clear that loyalty to the party is the best way to secure advancement.

Labour published a study yesterday that showed Johnson had given jobs, advising the government or running government programmes, to 25 of the 94 Conservatives MPs who lost their seat or stood down in the past two general elections. You would know some of their names but most are drones who were rewarded for going along with the leadership. Too many of her party colleagues are reporting that business leaders, academics and scientists, who are trying to influence government policy, have walked away from them, saying that the government will shut them out of its debates if it suspects them of talking to the opposition.

Opinion Civil service. This article is more than 3 months old. Nick Cohen. The Greensill scandal shows that public servants have been fatally compromised. Dominic Cummings had said on entering Downing Street that he wanted a new breed of civil servant to shake up the way Britain is run. Sun 18 Apr Reuse this content.

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