Why are looks so important

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Looks matter a lot in many situations. If you look good, you feel good. Every person wants to look his best. Physical appearance does affect your overall personality. Those who are fortunate to be born beautiful or handsome have the edge over others in their public dealings.

People all over the world spend millions of dollars to look good.

Why Good Looking People Get The Advantage?

They undergo plastic surgery, visit the beauty parlor regularly, and undergo herbal treatments to improve their physical appearance. Why so? Every person desires to look good. He or she spends a lot of time trying to look his or her best. A handsome man or a beautiful woman is much admired in society. Pretty cool post. While I agree philosophically with the premise, I found this article offered absolutely nothing in the way enlightenment. Then, it dawned on me that the author was probably 14 years-old, and all was forgiven. As I scrolled down to the comments I came to the harsh realization that there exists a huge population on-line of people with really low expectations and standards.

Things like personality,talent,being charitable are nice but are completely dismissed without looks. Princess Diana was below mediocre in talent,and her chaity work was a farce meant for publicity. Yet,the whole world cried more at her death than Mother Teresa. People cannot help it. They treat good looking folks far superior for very average accomplishments.

If you are good looking life is made for you. To be clear good looking people also have troubles and difficulties,but they get way more sympathy and assistance simply for their looks. American President Bill Clinton harrassed numerous women but is still admired and supported by very prominent Feminists no less. An ugly man who merely irritates a woman is sent for life in prison. I agree with most of what you say. However, I think that it is important that you feel good.

You might not look good to everyone else, but if you feel good you will be confident. This wiell help you in your social and business life. Think about the things you know you can change and what you can do to make those changes… And on top of that, build on your own personality. You want to sing, go ahead and start practicing. You want to write? A doctor? Maybe a musician? Every single words made me reflect myself. Because i could…with effort. People misses all aspects of people all together being caught up in a superficial world and were god is totally upset with the vain and evil these days how people treat one another based on how they look.

I thank god for giving me an infirmity that makes me look different but got my heart and mind prepared for jesus. Hey Amit, this top ten list is fantastic. I really like your ideas. It is so true that looks make a huge difference in so many ways, much more than we wish t did, unless you are really beautiful.

We are trying to create a directory for top ten lists where people can find your site. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list. I agree with your comments especially the ten reasons why physical apearance is very important. I want to add also that one should be cheerful and jovial, for even if you are ugly your cheerfulness will hide those uglyness. Other factors over which they have no real control can affect their lives.

For example, I once overheard several yuppie sleazeballs talking about a coworker at their company who had a great idea to present to clients, but who also had a speech impediment. I think this sort of attitude is far more common than we believe and affects us at all times in our lives. Virtually all of the attractive people that I know of want for nothing, and most of those who are too short, too tall, too fat, too thin, too ugly, are weeded out early in life and end up on the periphery. Personally i believe that looks and personality are both attractive.

However the latter is what people around you are going to deal with for the rest of your life but no matter how good someone looks now, they will soon be old, wrinkly and physically dull. While those traits DO play a role beauty plays a role as well.

Yes, many people will define beauty in different ways and maybe their definition will be based mostly on personality. But everybody is attracted to someone because of their looks and you cant really deny that. Though we try not to base our decisions on something as trivial as looks, its a natural instinct, something we simply cannot help. I know you made this comment years ago, but i was looking up why physical appearance is important and i came upon this article and your comment….

Unfortunately, good looks are much more important than a lot of people will give credit for. The writings above shows much dedication about gorgeous and handsome people. We just to be dedicated, God-fearing, hardworking, and useful to beat the insecurities and and have the guts to be more competitive to succeed. But cheer up, your writings really help me about my reaserch on how physical appearance affects. God bless.

I have been called ugly several times growing up. I think of myself as a 6. I wish I had money to fully invest in my looks and another line of work that wouldnt harm my looks. Then I could be an 8. Poverty keeps people ugly cus they dont have money to look their best or breed with the better looking. I wish it didnt have to matter so much but it does. People, especially men, are very shallow.

We evolved to mistake confidence with knowledge and beauty with competancy.

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I have been turned away from several jobs due to my looks and height. I come from a working class family and have to work at becoming successful. Unlike other people who do have things handed to them. I wish looks didnt matter so much but it does. I think the media exaggerates it A LOT.

Some people also go out of their way to be mean to unattractive people. I dont feel as beautiful even when Im dressed at my best and feel my best. Its the one thing I hate about being a woman. How its obligatory to be beautiful. I also noticed poor beautiful women move ahead btu the ugly ones stay behind. But i need to be contentedGod give this look so i must be proud! I want to say that it was very, very hard for me not to judge people based on appearance.

It was difficult for me at least. As i said, it was extremely hard to stop judging people especially girls since i am boy based on their looks. I kind of struggle to do that even today but i am trying and i think i got over it. EDS, I know you feel so bad when people judges you because of appearance.

I wonder if i will ever meet you in real life. You are the first person who i gave oath. Probably the dumbest article I ever read, especially churned out for people with a whole host of insecurities and complexes. You all sound very superficial right now, you know that? It might affect your self-esteem and confidence though, which drives being unsuccessful. Or something like thatbut then that would make me contradict myself. Humans are social animals. Again, we are social creatures, much of our happiness is derived from our social relationships, and our social relationships are determined by how we look.

Basically, the name of the game is be born with good genetics or have a difficult time finding a job and had emotional problems usually resulted from social problems and have an over all shitty life.

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Which brings me to my next thought, if, as a society, we punish people just for how they are born in how we treat them. When you start judging people like society always does based on their genetics instead of actual behavior, regardless if it involved physical appearance or whatever, how is that person or society honestly any better than the typical racist? I guess If you want to be a good person just dress nice. Society determines what morality is or how it is defined. It is as simple as this, the reason why all the vein people think that appearance is a big thing is it makes you feel richer than what you really are.

We need to go back to our roots and realize that america is falling apart because all these dense morals and standards that people spend all day thinking about rather than thinking about the true issues around us. This post is informative and true, sadly. Deep down, when you really know someone, you find out true confidence and self esteem. When someone is attractive they most likely excel socially. Oftentimes, they lack depth.

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And when it comes to having lasting relationships, this can be a troublesome area. Studies prove that more attractive people are: happier, more financially successful, socially successful, even more intelligent, but it is all in how you define those words on a personal level. Inner happiness is something entirely undervalued and inapparent to many people. I had a very hard time of it indeed, bullied as a teenager, treated with hostility by random strangers, which has me wondering, were all those people who said that I was good looking lying? Personally i think we give way too much importance to looks, especially when you commented on how physical appearance helps build up a relationship.

Just saying. And there are some very beautiful people which are very shy as well and therefore they just do not attract attention and vice versa; less-pretty people with a lot of self-confidence and self-esteem who just attract people and are well liked because of their personality. If the media stopped publishing barbie-like stereotypes who tell us how we should look like, other values like intelligence or kindness would be given more importance, which they deserve. I have never read such superficial crap trap in all my life.

By all means look your best but its not what you look like its what you are as a person that is most important. I constantly hear stories about women who find themselves attracted to super good looking men who turn out to be psychopaths. My partner is not the most physically beautiful person but he is sincere and kind and I love him for that. And once you are old the good looks fade. Paul Newman famously said he was glad that he was old and his looks were gone so everybody could look beyond his appearance and see him for his acting talents. OMG this post is sooo ridiculous!!

WTF seriously!! The people on here who agree with this shallow drivel need to get some self esteem. End of story. This is not true, looks matter to some extent, but mostly for women. For men, physical appearance is somewhat important, but not that much as personality and grit.

Why are looks so important

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Why are looks so important in our society?