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Antony J. Blinken, Secretary of State. Our administration is committed to leading with diplomacy to advance the interests of the United States and to strengthen the rules-based international order. That system is not an abstraction. It helps countries resolve differences peacefully, coordinate multilateral efforts effectively, and participate in global commerce with the assurance that everyone is following the same rules. The alternative to a rules-based order is a world in which might makes right and winners take all, and that would be a far more violent and unstable world for all of us.

Each of these actions threaten the rules-based order that maintains global stability. I said that the United States relationship with China will be competitive where it should be, collaborative where it can be, adversarial where it must be.

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Our discussions here in Alaska, I suspect, will run the gamut. Our intent is to be direct about our concerns, direct about our priorities, with the goal of a more clear-eyed relationship between our countries moving forward. Thank you for being here. And before turning to you, Mr. We may be far from the continental United States, but there are few places that are as quintessentially American: big-hearted, resilient, intrepid. This is truly a fitting place for us to host this meeting.

It is through partnerships like these that all of us can deliver progress and prosperity for our peoples. These are the concerns that are on the minds of the American people, but it goes beyond that. We do not seek conflict, but we welcome stiff competition and we will always stand up for our principles, for our people, and for our friends. We look forward to discussing all of these matters with you in the hours ahead. Thank you. We hope that this dialogue will be a sincere and candid one. Both China and the United States are major countries in the world, and together we shoulder important responsibilities to the peace, stability, and development of the world and the region.

During the sessions, we adopted the outline for the 14th five-year economic and social development plan and the long-range objectives through the year For China, we are now in a historic year where we will move from finishing the first centenary goal to the second centenary goal, and by the year China will surely achieve basic modernization.

And by the yearChina will achieve full modernization. China has made decisive achievements and important strategic gains in fighting COVID, and we have achieved a full victory in ending absolute poverty in China.

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And we hope that other countries, especially the advanced countries, will make similar efforts in this regard. And China has also made historic achievements in building the country into a moderately prosperous one in all respects. The Chinese people are wholly rallying around the Communist Party of China.

Our values are the same as the common values of humanity. Those are: peace, development, fairness, justice, freedom, and democracy. It is not just up to the American people, but also the people of the world to evaluate how the United States has done in advancing its own democracy. In particular, we have engaged in tireless efforts to contribute to the peace and development of the world, and to upholding the purposes and principles of the UN Charter. The wars in this world are launched by some other countries, which have resulted in massive casualties.

But for China, what we have asked for, for other countries, is to follow a path of peaceful development, and this is the purpose of our foreign policy. We do not believe in invading through the use of force, or to topple other regimes through various means, or to massacre the people of other countries, because all of those would only cause turmoil and instability in this world.

And at the end of the day, all of those would not serve the United States well. So we believe that it is important for the United States to change its own image and to stop advancing its own democracy in the rest of the world. Many people within the United States actually have little confidence in the democracy of the United States, and they have various views regarding the Government of the United States. In China, according to opinion polls, the leaders of China have the wide support of the Chinese people.

So no attempt to — the opinion polls conducted in the United States show that the leaders of China have the support of the Chinese people.

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Facts have shown that such practices would only lead the Chinese people to rally more closely around the Communist Party of China and work steadily towards the goals that we have set for ourselves. InChina adopted its first five-year development plan, and now we are into the first year of the 14th five-year development plan. We will continue along this path, step by step. China and the United States are both major countries and both shoulder important responsibilities. We must both contribute to the peace, stability, and development of the world in areas such as COVID, restoring economic activities in the world, and responding to climate change.

There are many things that we can do together and where our interests converge. So what we need to do is to abandon the Cold War mentality and the zero-sum game approach. We must change the way we think and make sure that in this century, the 21st century, countries big or small, particularly the big countries, should come united together to contribute to the future of humanity and build a community with a shared future for humankind. And on some regional issues, I think the problem is that the United States has exercised long-arm jurisdiction and suppression and overstretched the national security through the use of force or financial hegemony, and this has created obstacles for normal trade activities, and the United States has also been persuading some countries to launch attacks on China.

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And as for China, we believe and we have handled import- and export-related issues according to scientific and technological standards. So we do hope that the United States will develop sound relations with all countries in the Asia-Pacific. We should have many mutual friends. This is the right way forward in the 21st century. The two presidents agreed to step up communication, manage differences, and expand cooperation between our two countries. We are having this dialogue today to follow up on the common understanding of the two presidents reached during their phone conversation.

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And having this dialogue is, in fact, a decision made by the two presidents. China is firmly opposed to U. We have expressed our staunch opposition to such interference and we will take firm actions in response. On human rights, we hope that the United States will do better on human rights.

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China has made steady progress in human rights and the fact is that there are many problems within the United States regarding human rights, which is admitted by the U. And the challenges facing the United States in human rights are deep-seated. They did not just emerge over the past four years, such as Black Lives Matter. It did not come up only recently. And for China, we will manage our own affairs well, and we hope to deliver a better life for our 1. And also, we will make our contribution to the peace and stability of the world.

Since breaking the ice between our two countries in our engagement several decades ago, China and the United States have achieved a lot together. This is the result of the concerted efforts of the people with vision of both countries, and this past is a part of our achievements. Although so much has changed in this world, it is important that our two countries think about how we can work together and expand our cooperation under the new circumstances.

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If there is competition between our two countries, I think the competition focuses on the economic aspect, and in this area, as I have said just now, for frictions in our economic engagement, it is important to respond to them in a rational way and seek win-win.

And China-U. They see a profit coming from their presence in China and they see immense opportunities in China. And I believe that for our two countries, under the new circumstances, we need to enhance communication, properly manage our differences, and expand our cooperation instead of engaging in confrontation. What did the United States gain from that confrontation? And China will pull through and has pulled through such confrontation.

So the way we see the relationship with the United States is as President Xi Jinping has said — that is, we hope to see no confrontation, no conflict, mutual respect, and win-win cooperation with the United States. And actually, during the phone call between the presidents, President Biden himself also talked about the importance of having no conflict or confrontation between our two countries.

The United States itself does not represent international public opinion, and neither does the Western world. Whether judged by population scale or the trend of the world, the Western world does not represent the global public opinion. So we hope that when talking about universal values or international public opinion on the part of the United States, we hope the U. It only represents the Government of the United States.

Because, Mr. Secretary and NSA Sullivan, you have delivered some quite different opening remarks, mine will be slightly different as well. And I would say that I am pleased to meet you today, and China — the Chinese delegation — is here at the invitation of the United States.

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And as NSA Sullivan said, Anchorage is the midpoint of the air route connecting our two countries, and it is fair to say that this place is a refueling station for China-U. And China certainly in the past has not and in the future will not accept the unwarranted accusations from the U. This has damaged the interests of our two peoples and taken its toll on world stability and development, and this situation must no longer continue.

China urges the U. This has been a longstanding issue and it should be changed. It is time for it to change. However, just the other day, before our departure, the United States passed these new sanctions. This is not supposed to be the way one should welcome his guests, and we wonder if this is a decision made by the United States to try to gain some advantage in dealing with China, but certainly this is miscalculated and only reflects the vulnerability and weakness inside the United States. And let me also say that the phone conversation that President Xi Jinping and President Biden had on the eve of the Chinese New Year is a very important one, and during this phone conversation they agreed to some common understandings that have pointed the way forward for us to bring back the China-U.

And the international community is following very closely our dialogue for today and tomorrow. So we will be watching what will happen today and tomorrow, and if United States is willing, I think our two sides should step up to this responsibility and deliver on this task that we are given. I will stop here. Director, State Councilor, given your extended remarks, permit me, please, to add just a few of my own before we get down to work, and I know Mr.

Sullivan may have things to say as well. I have to tell you, in my short time as Secretary of State, I have spoken to I think nearly a hundred counterparts from around the world, and I just made my first trip, as I noted, to Japan and South Korea. A hallmark of our leadership, of our engagement in the world is our alliances and our partnerships that have been built on a totally voluntary basis.

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And it is something that President Biden is committed to reinvigorating. I recall well when President Biden was vice president and we were visiting China.

Woman want nsa Central Point

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