Wont female friend

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Woe Is Me! I find out about her relationships and crushes from other people, and I hate it! What do I do to change this? Not everyone likes discussing their love life at length, and she may just be one of them.

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Also, you could just let it be, and give her some space. If she was the kind of person who keeps things to herself, you might have a woe here.

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Honestly, there is a distasteful subtext of ownership to your complaint, as though you are entitled to her confidences. You want to be one of the people she tells?

Why Men and Women Cant be friends

She has picked up on these expectations — believe it — and probably resents you for them. Maybe a better question for you to ask is: What have I done to make her uncomfortable sharing these things with me? How can I be a better, more trustworthy, and less entitled friend?

Best of luck, self-reflector. If you are, well, stop! KB: Stop being so damn nosy?

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What I hear in your question is a lot of subtext about your presumptions about this friendship, and about what kind of a friend you are to her. The point is that you need to get over it. In this instance, your best friend does not want you to be her support system for her love life.

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She has her reasons. SK: I love that you care about your best friend and want to know more about her life. I relate partly to your best friend in this scenario, and what keeps me from sharing every detail about my life is that I like my privacy as is. Some things I would rather keep to myself than tell even the people closest to me, you know? The sense of betrayal you feel when you hear about her life from others is super understandable.

There are a bunch of things that factor in here: did she tell you things before and has suddenly stopped? Does she take you for granted? If something is hurting you, even unintentionally from her end, I think you should try reaching out — not from the perspective of wanting to change her, but for the sake of understanding her better.

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Wont female friend

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Can Men & Women Just Be Friends?